5 Types Of Women You Should NEVER Date

Woman You Should Never Date #3: Miss Emotional

You’ll find yourself exhausted when you’re with this type of woman. She’s always crying about simple things…or when she wants you to do something…and you don’t. (Which will be much of the time)

She’ll nag you about how you don’t love her that much. Or you don’t do stuff for her anymore…


And it’s usually her way of being passive aggressive to get what she wants from you.

Watch out for her – she’ll drive you crazy. You’ll never be able to make her happy, because she’ll always be working in the opposite direction.

Woman You Should Never Date #4: Miss Superior

It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with her. She’s always RIGHT. She’ll be telling you what you’re doing wrong and what you SHOULD have done in the first place.

You can’t be comfortable when you’re around her. You’ll always be on your toes – and intimacy will be nearly impossible.

No matter how HOT and ALLURING she can be, watch out for her! She’ll never see you as her equal and that’ll make you feel emasculated.

Woman You Should Never Date #5: Miss Temper

She can be downright SCARY. Just imagine arguments appearing out of thin air. You’ll always be wondering what went wrong?

From cozy, relax situation converted to a STRESSFUL one…you’re left thinking…”WHAT THE F*CK!”


She’s always confrontational, always looking to pick a fight. No matter how SEXY this hot number can be…avoid this type of woman if you value your sanity.

Unless you want to be alienated by family and friends because of her…

And you wouldn’t want that. You deserve to have a woman you can bring anywhere and show off to the world. Not hide away like a dirty secret.

Not someone who keeps on finding fault in you…and everyone around you.

Don’t wait until your self-respect and confidence runs out.

There are many other women out there to watch out for. But these examples should help you in finding the QUALITY of woman you’re looking for.


Remember, you want a woman who brings out the BEST in you. Who makes you a better person. Not a shrew who will make you miserable every waking minute.

If you’re UNHAPPY then that’s your cue to step back and RUN. Run away as fast as you can…away from her before she traps you into her web of misery.

If you’d like to know how to find and choose the woman of your dreams…

Yours In Perfect Passion…

– Carlos Cavallo

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