5 Types Of Women You Should NEVER Date

You’ve gone out on a lot of dates…and you find women you date weird, irritating…some are even downright SCARY!

You don’t want to hang with them anymore, but you find yourself having the same experience over and over again. Dating Deja vu.

You want things to change. You want a woman that can complement you…make you HAPPY.

You can get the girl – you just need to open your eyes and watch out for the types of women YOU SHOULD NEVER DATE. This is probably even more important than watching for the good qualities, because if you miss one – it’s like a land mine.

Watch out for…

Woman You Should Never Date #1: Miss Needy

She always wants to be with you 24/7. She wants to know where you are, what you’re doing. It’s like you have your own personal stalker.


She doesn’t allow you to hangout with your buddies. She’s VERY dependent on you. If you don’t reply to her text message, or answer a call…you can expect her to whine about it.

Watch out for this type of woman. You’ll never have your own personal space.

Watch for the warning signs, or she’ll drive you nuts!

Woman You Should Never Date #2: Little Miss Gold Digger

She’s the type who looks for a guy to provide her with her “material” needs. You’ll see the signs during your first few dates…


She’ll ask you what car you drive, what you do for a living… checking out your expensive watch. Sizing up your cash flow. And if it doesn’t meet her “standards”, she’ll drop you like a hot potato.

Avoid at all costs. Unless you’d rather go bankrupt – or be her “sugar daddy”…

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