Flip Her Attraction Switches Instantly

Most pickup artists go by the “three-second rule” which states that you should immediately approach a woman to eliminate any hesitation that makes you look insecure and weak.

I can dig that; looking casual and confident are must-haves in a guy’s personality.

But that’s not enough – how do you immediately plant the notion in a girl’s head that you’re a Potential Boyfriend – and not a Platonic Friend?

There’s an art to it. On one hand, you don’t want to seem too intense or look desperate and push her away.

But you also can’t take the Nice Guy Route by putting on a “harmless friend” act since you’ll be branded as a low-value guy.

To walk this delicate line, you’ll need to send her subtle signals that will make her think “I like where this is going…”


#1: Make a Killer First Impression

First off, she doesn’t know much about you yet, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you handle it.

It all boils down to the information she gets from you, so be on your toes. Like our friends in law enforcement like to say, “Anything you say can or will be used against you…”

Let’s say you’re going on a date and she wants to know where you’re taking her. The best way to handle this is by giving her some pre-planned choices so she feels comfortable.

The worst thing would be the beaten dinner-and-movie path which really doesn’t say anything about your creativity. Or take her somewhere really expensive which means you’re going all out; anything drastic will make her think, “What does he want from me?”

Try this: “Well, I was thinking we could grab a cup of coffee and check out an art exhibit after,” and then add, “or we can also have dinner at this cool Brazilian place that just opened up.”

Not only are you decisive, you’re also considerate!


#2: Don’t be a Cheapskate

Ok, so we just talked about not pulling out all the stops, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up the check on the first date. Besides, you should have done your homework and picked out places that fit your budget, so get ready to shell out as a sign of goodwill (read: not to be confused with acting like a meal ticket).

Be casual about it and tell her, “It’s cool, I had a fun time and I was really psyched about hanging out with you.” She’ll be impressed when you make it about being grateful for her company rather than spending money on her.

She might even put up a “fight”, but just tell her she can cover the next one (the perfect excuse for another date).


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