Three Ways to Be the Man of Her Dreams

Here’s a basic fact: women dig strength.

But it’s not necessarily the bench-press-a-ton-of bricks kind of brawn that attracts them (although that would be an impressive feat). It’s the inner kind of masculine power.

I’m talking about the strength of purpose, direction and an unshakable conviction that women find indisputably sexy. When a guy relies on himself for validation – and no one else – it practically turns a guy into a walking magnet that pulls women from all directions without even trying.

Here’s how to be “that guy”:


#1: Expand Your Horizons

You know what’s the opposite of strength? As far as dating goes, it’s desperation.

When it seems like you need something from a woman (i.e. because she’s beautiful), she can sense this in your actions and general attitude. This makes women uncomfortable (“What does he want from me?”) and it’s the leading cause of rejection.

Neediness can make you look weak. First step to getting rid of it is doing away with of the all-or-nothing mindset that a lot of men have.

The solution is simple: pursue more than one woman.

Fill your life with opportunities to meet and talk to women. Approach them whenever and wherever you can.

When you’re in the habit of simply engaging women in fun, lighthearted conversation, you’ll realize that life is full of chances to find someone perfect for you.

More importantly, you’ll be more at ease knowing that your dating life (or self-worth for the matter) doesn’t hinge on a single interaction. It doesn’t matter if one girl in particular tells you to get lost or walks away.


#2: Free Yourself From Fear

Part of being desperate also comes from being afraid. If you’re scared that the women you want are already taken or hate your guts, it can screw with your head.

Worse, this fear can rob you of your masculine strength.

You need to take these thoughts and turn it on their head. Getting turned down is part of the game – one “no” is just another step to that eventual “yes.”

Yet, a lot of men are terrified of messing it up. Back when people were living in caves, there was always a risk of getting killed when hitting on women.


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