Attract Women Pheromones

Most men don’t realize that there is a science behind physical attraction. Have you ever met a woman and been irresistibly drawn to her? Sometimes it becomes even more baffling when you feel such a strong attraction to someone you might not even think is pretty or who is completely the opposite of what you consider your “type.”

Attract women pheromonesSometimes we are attracted to women we don’t even like. Women who don’t appear to attract us physically or with their personality.

Well, there is a reason for this and it all comes down to a cellular level – and science. Too many guys remain baffled as to why the physical relationships can be so great and yet the other parts of the relationship completely don’t work.

This is all about chemistry.

It is about physical attraction on a bio-chemical level. The question is whether we can develop attract women pheromones that will make women fall for us in the same way.

Here’s a bit of the science behind it. What happens is that on a DNA level our bodies are actually physically attracted to women based on their pheromones. There is logic behind this that goes beyond a biological desire to reproduce. The attract women pheromones we send out are received positively by women who have DNA that would complement ours.

So, in other words, what happens is that two people feel this super strong attraction especially when they have DNA that combined would make a strong offspring – a healthy offspring who has a greater chance of surviving physically in the world. It is all nature’s way of proliferating the species of human kind.

The key thing to notice here is that even though our chemical compositions and attract women pheromones let us know who would be the best mother of our children, it is only on a DNA level. This does not mean that we would be compatible in any other way. This does not mean we could actually sustain a relationships or even enjoy each other’ company outside of the bedroom.

Nature really doesn’t care about that part. What nature’s goal is is to make sure the offspring are strong enough to perpetuate the human species.

But for us, it’s fascinating to learn about the attract women pheromones we exude and this actually sheds a little light and helps explains why some relationships might have unbelievable chemistry between them but just don’t work as a couple.

In a way having some understanding of how the attract women pheromones work and realizing that strong physical attraction may not always result in a satisfying relationship is a good thing to realize if you are looking for a long-term relationships.

For the most part, there isn’t a whole lot guys can do to increase those attracting pheromones. The woman either responds to us on a chemical level or doesn’t, but that doesn’t mean that physical attraction cannot be created, because it can.

And sometimes even if it doesn’t feel like it’s there at first, it can develop and grow. And often this is the most long-lasting attraction out there.

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