Pick Up Women, Secrets of Pickup Artists

You’ve all seen the guy – or maybe you’ve been the guy – who is dressed for the part, who has all the right lines memorized and yet leaves the club or bar alone at the end of the night.

pickup womenFrom the outside looking in, this guy has what it takes to pull amazing women, so why can’t he? It’s all about a little something called self-confidence and attitude. It is these two intangible qualities than make all the difference in a guy’s efforts to pick up women.

From what I see, too many men are looking outside themselves for the keys to being successful with women, when in reality, the solution lies within. The ability to pick up women has much less to do with what a guy says and does and more to do with how he feels and thinks inside.

Luckily for us working guys, it usually doesn’t take money to increase our self-confidence and help us develop an alpha male attitude. (I say usually because some of us are unfortunate enough to have past issues that are deep and damaging enough to our self esteem that it is necessary to pay for professional therapy to overcome them.)

For most of us, however, working on our self-esteem really just costs us some time and effort. And this effort will pay off when you realize your attitude and self-esteem has everything to do with your ability to pick up women.

Here are some ways to work on your self-esteem:

  • Take a notebook and write down on your positive qualities, characteristics, and traits. Then list your negative ones. You might list things like overweight or miserable at job or even shy and tongue-tied around girls. These are things that bother you, keep you from living your most satisfying and fulfilling life, and as a result, affect your ability to pick up women.
  • Taking a look at your negative ones, make another list of ways you can either eliminate or improve those traits. For instance, if you have a short temper and this has affected your relationships in the past, you might right down something like “learn anger management techniques, do daily yoga, or learn ways to calm myself. Relaxation is one of the critical components that many guys miss.
  • Once you have brainstormed ways to get rid or your negative traits, and then make an action plan. In that plan, list goals for one month, six months, one year, and five years. For instance, if you wish to stop smoking because it is no longer pleasurable but disgusts you, you might say in one month you will quit cold turkey, in six months you will give up your nicotine gum, in one year you will run a mini marathon with your new lungs and in five years you will compete in a triathlon.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for building your self confidence and it might not seem to directly relate to your goal of being able to pick up women, but any improvements you make in your life will build your self esteem and give you that intangible, but extremely charismatic attitude that you can only get by really liking yourself – first.

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