Find A Woman

Find A Woman

If you truly want to cultivate yourself as an Alpha Male and have already conquered my Three S’s (self-confidence, self-discipline and sense of humor) then you are ready for the next step, which is to develop some additional or supplement traits that will help you find a woman who is perfect for you.Find A Woman

Let’s take a look at the supplemental traits that will help you in your journey:

Find A Woman Trait #1 Develop a nonchalant, self confident attitude

This is such an incredibly important concept to grasp if you expect to be lucky in love. Your attitude is the outward projection of your self-confidence. It really determines how you succeed in everything you do.

Here’s a little something I believe and hope you take to heart: “What happens to you is not nearly as important as what you do with it.”

In other words, it’s not what happens to you, it is how you react to what happens to you. That is essentially the only thing you can control – your reaction. One great way to maintain emotional control is to develop – and truly believe in your heart – that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about you This can be one of the most freeing self improvement steps you can take.

Find A Woman Trait #2 Cultivate an attitude focused on abundance instead of scarcity.

Look at the world as a place with unlimited options for you.

There is more than enough of EVERYTHIGN to go around – enough women, enough money, enough food, etc.

This helps you to realize, as well, that one girl is not the only girl in the world for you. There are a lot of fish in the sea Jones.

You are not only going to have one chance to have sex. Think about it that way. There will be endless opportunities to get laid. You can relax and realize you have time. There are more available women in the world than days left of your life, so don’t waste a second more on one who is interested in you. There are hundreds, thousands more women, who will be even a better match than she is. Life’s too short to waste it on someone like that.

Find A Woman Trait #3 Have integrity in all you do.

Your character is really all you have. Having integrity will guide you through your dating life and help you establish and maintain your identity and your values. Any tough times will be more easily weathered if you can stand up for what you believe in.

Here is something I recommend guys do before you even begin dating: take a pen and paper and brainstorm a list of your strengths and attributes. What makes you a good product to sell to women?

Your list might include traits like a leader, humorous, good listener, adventurous, romantic, great dresser, good provider, clean, good values, loyal, and ambitious.

Keep this list in your wallet, whip it out every so often, and re-read it. You are worthy of love and success in the dating world and realizing and remind yourself of what you have to offer a woman is important.

Working on developing these additional, supplemental traits will not only help you in your journey to find a woman, but will make your life better and more fulfilling overall. Life’s too short. Don’t waste any more time. Start your journey to being the best man you can be and find a woman.


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