How to Meet Women, The 3 BEST Ways to Meet Women…

Most single men who want to learn about dating skills, really only want to learn two things: How to meet women and how to keep women.

If you can learn how to meet single women, you are halfway there. If you don’t have a clue on the best ways to meet women you’ll never have a chance to show how you can keep her happy, interested and attracted to you.

Here are the three best ways to meet single women:

How To Meet Single Women – Strategy #1 Meet Women in Bars & Clubs.

This is a gamble, because bars and clubs are notorious places for one-night stands and hookups and make it hard to actually meet someone of girlfriend material there.

But there is a good chance there is a woman there for the same reason you are – it’s where a lot of singles mingle. It is a place women go to have fun and single women always know there is the possibility of meeting men when they go to a bar or club.

So meeting women in bars and clubs has its pros and cons. It is a great place for quick hookups. It may be a place to meet a girlfriend, but don’t count on it. What bars and clubs have going for them, is they are full of single women so you might end up faced with quantity over quantity. If that’s what you want, then it is a great place to meet women.

How To Meet Single Women – Strategy #2 Meet Women in Your Social Network

If you meet a woman who is a friend of a friend, you have upped the odds that you will actually get along and that there is a relationship potential.

Women who meet you through their friends are going to feel more comfortable and safe around you than if you had met in a bar.

To capitalize on this, you need to make sure you have a healthy social network. Do not shy away from making friends with everyone who interests you and then making attempts to bring all your friends together. This will quickly expand your social network.

In addition, make it a point to never turn down an invitation to anything. You might be missing out on the opportunity to meet the woman of your dreams.

How To Meet Single Women – Strategy #3 Meet Women Online

This is probably the best way I can recommend. It is honestly, the easiest way to meet women ever.

And the second great thing about it is you can naturally filter women according to your taste, preferences, values, and interest. That’s pretty amazing when you come to think about it.

It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it’s effective. It is also efficient. You can arrange to have six short dates all before dinnertime on Sunday. By seeing this many women, you have increased the odds of finding the one that fits just right for you.

But don’t think that you can skip the step of winning her over. You still have to prove you are a good guy who is masculine and worth her time before she will even agree to meet you for a drink.

Remember when you are meeting a girl you met online, that she has a right to be wary of you. Acknowledge that by asking her to meet in a public place for some coffee or tea for 30 minutes to see if you guys click. This is honest and effective and works.

These are the three best ways I’ve found to meet women. I know you will have success with them as well.

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