How To Get Girls, Don’t Be This Guy!

(WARNING: This message  is pretty harsh. I’m not going to mince words here, so if you need your dating advice “polite” – go read another article.)

You know, it always gives me a chuckle…

I get an email from a guy whining about how he feels either misled, or he was disappointed that I tried to sell him something, or that I’m some kind of fly-by-night shady character.

Every so often I take a minute to call these guys up on the phone to see if he’s a real man… or a wuss.
(Some guys out there just love to get all aggro and rude as long as they can be anonymous and hide behind their email…)

Recently I called a guy accusing me of shady things to ask him a question I’d always wanted to ask those kind of guys: Are you really serious about knowing how to get girls? How to attract women?

When I get them on the phone, there’s always a state of shock, and stammering that they’re really talking to me.  After that passes(a bit), I ask them if it’s a fair assumption that they’re not getting the results they want with women.

After all, they opted into my newsletter, so they always say “yes.”  Then I ask them HOW serious they are about learning how to get girls.  They all say, VERY serious.

Now, none of these guys has ever invested in anything big — most are whining about a $7 CD – and I know that when I call. So I ask them,”What would you give to attract and keep the hot woman of your dreams?”

Most say, “Oh, I’d give anything.”  I then ask them for their credit card number and tell them that if they follow my system, they’ll succeed, and they can even get their money back if they’re still unhappy.

How many do you think say yes?

You got it–none.  Zip.  Zero.


Because they’re NOT really serious about attraction. They’re interminably cheap, and they’re lazy.

Do you think that women don’t pick up on that?

Do you think women can’t sniff out that a man’s price for success with them is less than $7?  Of course they can, and that’s why they avoid guys like this.

By the way, my most “expensive” program is less than 3 or 4 failed dates with women that you never see again…

There’s a price to be paid for everything in this world, including failure and lack of success. That price appears to be cheap on the surface, which is why so many men pay it, only to discover how painfully expensive it is as the years go by.

I got one email from a guy the other day who says he’s going to wait for a “sale.” In other words, he’s happy being unsuccessful because he can put it off until some imaginary “blue light special” comes along to save him.

(By the way, I don’t put programs on sale. That implies that I’m overcharging to begin with, and there’s no price you can put on the feeling of success with women. I do offer special discounts – but by invitation only – AFTER I see that you’re ready to do something instead of lurk…)

Think about this: How much will it cost you to NOT get this handled?

One of my favorite sayings is from Earl Nightengale:

“Don’t be the man in front of the fireplace who says: ‘First you give me heat, and then I’ll give the wood.'”

It doesn’t work that way. That’s bass ackwards.

Take it from me, invest in success… invest in YOURSELF.

Or else constant and ongoing failure will be your payoff.

Go get started here, right now: Click Here: Flirting Tips For Guys…

Stop putting off the future with women that you deserve…

Stay Alpha…

Finally – How To Get The Girls You Want – No Fear and No Rejection.

-Carlos Xuma

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