How To Ask A Girl Out

How to ask a girl out

How to ask a girl out – Marni Kinrys

In my opinion there is only one way how to ask a girl out. Before I tell you the one way to ask a girl out, I am going to tell you a few ways that you should never ask a girl out.

1. “I was thinking that maybe sometime you and I could go somewhere” (– Marni: this is indirect, shows lack of confidence and is not specific)

2. Staring/watching a woman for a weeks then finally working up the courage to approach her, say hi, have friendly conversation, walk away and wait for 3 more weeks of this before you feel SHE is comfortable enough with you to LET you ask her out. (– Marni: This is creepy)

3. Talking to a woman, being flirty and funny and totally attractive and waiting for the next time you see each other to ask her out. (– Marni: This is stupid. DOES NOT build confusion in a woman’s mind. It builds frustration EXCEPT if she is totally into you)

In my opinion, all of the above are BIG no, no’s and will not get you anywhere with a woman.  Why? Because each of them shows a woman that she is of higher value than you, more masculine than you, and in complete control of the situation.

Here is a little secret about women that will help you put your mind at ease the next time you want to ask out a girl.

How To Ask A Girl Out Secret: Women want to be asked out.

BUT they want to be asked out by a MAN who they believe has value. Now value does not mean money, power, strength or any other superficial characteristic you can think of in your head.

A man who has value is a man with self- respect, a life of his own and the ability to ask for what he wants without a fear for rejection.

So how do you present yourself as a man of VALUE? You make sure to use the method I am about to share with you, every time you interact with a woman and ask her out.

The #1 way for how to ask a girl out is to ask her directly for what you want.

Being direct and asking for what you want without fear of being turned down is the SEXIEST, most ATTRACTIVE way for how ask a girl out. TRUST ME. I’m a woman and I know. The men in my life who have been indirect with me, always got an indirect response. Meaning I wavered, I flaked, I canceled because I didn’t find them to be men of value.

I know that asking for what you want may be a bit of a challenge. With the men I have coached over the years I have heard several reasons why “Asking For What You Want With Women” was not an option for them. Reasons like:

  1. If I ask her for what I want she’ll know I like her.
    Marni: “And what exactly would be wrong with that? As long as you aren’t NEEDING her.”
  2. If I am too direct she will think I’m an a-hole and I don’t want to be.
    Marni: “Being direct doesn’t mean you’re an a-hole unless you act like one. I’m not telling you to hit her over the head, tell her she’s fat and girls are cuter then her and then ask her out”
  3. I feel uncomfortable being that direct. I think it’s rude.
    –  Marni: “It’s even more rude to waste a woman’s time and energy by tippy toeing around what you want. Do you know how much energy is wasted by women being NICE to guys who can’t just spit it out and ask for it”

So here is an exercise, to gear you up, so that you will be ready the next time you have an opportunity to be direct with a woman and ask her out.

EXERCISE: For the next two weeks I want you to be very decisive and incorporate the words “I WANT” into your every day life. At work, at home, with your friends, getting groceries, with your family and to yourself.

I have laid it out in 2 simple Steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Every night, in front of the mirror say the words “I Want” 10 times. Try different voices, different facial expressions and different energy levels.

Step 2: Throughout your day when asking for things, do not waiver or be indecisive. Ask for what you want by using the words “I WANT”. Do not worry about being rude. People already know you are a good man, so this will  not be taken as being rude. It will be seen as assertive and sexy. Some people may even say “There is something different in you”.

That’s it! Pretty easy right?

Note: During this time, even if you don’t have a want or answer for something, fake it and select one. I WANT you to experience how it feels to be in command and owning your decisions. This is something I talk about in great depth in my program How To Become A Man Women Want as well as provide step-by-step exercises.

So many men lose out on amazing opportunities with women. Which means so many women are missing out on great men. And that, in my eyes, is a catastrophe.

I want you to do this exercise, practice and understand that you are a man of great VALUE that every woman would be happy to meet and have the chance to go out with.

– Marni Kinrys


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