How to Meet Women

Why does it seem so impossible figure out how to meet women?

After all, they stream past us in droves every day on the sidewalk. They fill restaurants, shopping malls, and subways. They surround us everywhere we go and yet why do they seem so elusive?

So, if it’s true that women are everywhere, then why do so many men feel that it is difficult to learn how to meet women?

#1 Reason It’s Hard To Learn How To Meet Women: Point Out the Single Women

There may be women everywhere, but how do we know which ones are single? How do we find them? They are hiding in plain sight.

How to meet womenStatistics show there are probably about 45 million single women in the United States alone. They are literally EVERYWHERE. So, when men wonder how to meet women, what they really want to know is why there aren’t big signs pointing out the single women.

Well, here’s a little secret – you have the power to walk up and figure out which women are single ALL BY YOURSELF.

I’m not saying it’s easy. You do risk rejection. But you are not going to know unless you give it a shot. Miss Wonderful could be walking right by you, wondering why you won’t come up to her.

But she’s not going to tip you off that she wants you to do this. Women have built-in self-defense mechanisms to appear unattainable so they don’t get labeled as sluts. It’s sad, but true. So, what do you do about it?

#2 Reason It’s Hard To Learn How To Meet Women: “You APPROACH her”

Here’s a secret – she’s not going to come up to you. She’s not going to because she doesn’t want you to think she’s either a slut or desperate.

Women are naturally intuitive, so when she gives you what she thinks is a clear indication of interest, it might go right over your head.

Smiling and eye contact is about as far as she’s going to go. You better notice it and jump on it or you’ve blown it.

This is one reason women seem unattainable to us. They are sending signals we are not even getting.

So, the trick is to be assertive. Be masculine and approach her.

Here’s another little secret or two about how to approach women: women want to be approached. And guess what? Men aren’t approaching them, so if you are one of the ones who do, you are already ahead of the crowd.

All these women are sending out these subtle signals and hoping men respond and approach them and few men are doing it. Imagine what could happen if you could conquer your fears of approaching a woman and just do it.
She will thank you for it.

There is no reason you should not feel encouraged to approach a woman who smiles and makes eye contact with you. Do you need to be hit over the head with a stick to get it? This means she wants you to talk to her.

The truth is your next girlfriend is out there just waiting for you.

When you know how to meet women, she’ll be there…

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