Get Your Girlfriend Back

Get Your Girlfriend Back

The first thing to realize is when you frame it as getting back something you lost – how to get back your girlfriend, you are looking at it in the wrong way.

It’s the difference between outer game and inner game. Outer game is attracting women. Inner game is maintaining their interest.

If you feel that your girlfriend is losing interest or has lost interest, read on and study these get your girlfriend back tips.

Get Back GirlfriendGet Your Girlfriend Back Tip #1 Ditch Your Attitude of Scarcity

When you phrase it that you have “lost” your girlfriend, you are putting yourself in the position and a mindset that makes “you” the needy one. By thinking you’ve lost her, you also think you had some control over what she has done. This may not be true in the slightest.

Rather than focus on behavior to “make” this particular woman want you, you need to work on demonstrating characteristics that will “make” you attractive to the right woman. IN other words, when you focus on yourself, you will demonstrate traits that will make the right woman want you that will make you irresistible.

If she’s no interested in you, switch your thinking about it. Instead of thinking that you are losing a girlfriend, maybe you should look at it like you are gaining your freedom.

Get Your Girlfriend Back Tip #2 Don’t Be Needy

What I mean by this is cultivating the attitude and belief that you only want someone who wants you. Why would you want a woman who doesn’t want you as much as you want her? You are more valuable than that.

If you pine after her and can’t let go when you realize this, you are most likely going to end up back in that somewhat addicted role again with the next girl you date.

Get Your Girlfriend Back Tip #3 Maintain Emotional Control

If you have control of your emotional state and have self-discipline, you will avoid coming across as addicted and needy and basically a pushover. Don’t give someone else complete control of your emotions. Don’t allow a woman to determine your happiness based on whether she wants you or not.

If you are not getting your needs met, then be grateful it is over and move on. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your self-confidence.

No woman is worth shattering your self-esteem. Maintain your alpha male masculinity and confidence.

Think of this way – that deep down belief and confidence in yourself is your most precious asset. Don’t sacrifice that for anybody. If you want to keep in touch with your ex, you can do that, but don’t place her on a pedestal and think that she is the only woman in the world for you.

It’s just not true and it’s just not worth it.

Sometimes what we learn from our efforts and by following these get back girlfriend tips is that when it comes down to it, we really don’t want her back.

Remember you are in a world of abundance, not scarcity, so start acting that way. You are the one with social and market value.

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