Dating Tips For Guys Mistakes

Dating Tips For Guys Mistakes

There are three big mistakes that many men make repeatedly that kills attraction dead in its tracks and actually give women the creeps.

It seems so unfair that you go through all the work to approach a woman and start a conversation and things are going swimmingly until BAM, you blow it big time. So here are some dating tips for guys mistakes that you should be aware of.

Do you do any of these things? Read on and remember these three big mistakes can be a potential minefield. Follow these dating tips for guys and avoid these three mistakes and you will avoid heartache and wasting your time:

Avoid these 3 Dating MistakesDating Tips for Guys MISTAKES 1) Touching her too much, too soon

This is an easy mistake to make and trust me, every guy blows this one at least once. I mean, we are men and when we are faced with a hot woman getting our hands on her is on our one-track mind.

Easy boy.

Touching her too quickly will freak her out and creep her out.

But if you avoid any contact, you end up in the friend zone and that’s no good either.

Here’s what you should do: touch her before you even speak the first word to her. Do it by gently touching her arm to get her attention. Do it briefly and lightly.

Dating Tips for Guys MISTAKES 2) Flashing the desperate light.

Men do this in many ways. They reveal through body language, the looks on their face, their conversation and so on that they like her A LOT. Do not show her how interested you are in her so quickly.

One way men do this is walking up and slathering on the compliments. When you do this, the first thing the woman feels is pressure. She feels that you want her number or a date and she instantly wants to reject you because you have triggered her defenses.

Sure, you can compliment her, but it shouldn’t be the first thing out of your mouth. Better to approach her and ask her a question so she doesn’t immediately think you are hitting on her.

Dating Tips for Guys MISTAKES 3) Planning your wedding moments after you meet.

You think you would never do this? Think again.

You might not be planning your wedding – obviously, that’s an exaggeration – but you would be surprised how many guys talk about their mutual future together IMMEDIATELY after they meet.

For instance, you start telling her this fantastic restaurant you want to take her to. But you just met. She is going to think this is creepy and will trigger her defenses.

Instead, try to create enough interested and attraction that she will want to see you again without you pushing her into it by planning your future dates the second you meet.

The three dating mistakes to avoid can all be eliminated if you work on improving your masculinity. You don’t need to grope or grab someone right away. You can take your sweet time, knowing it will be better if you wait.

You don’t need to show her all your cards at once. Let her know you find her attractive, but in a subtle way.

Don’t plan out your future together. Take it one step at a time and let the mutual attraction build.

If you follow these dating tips for guys by avoiding these mistakes, you will be a league ahead of every other guy out there.

Always make sure you keep these dating tips for guys mistakes in mind.

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