Get Your Girlfriend Back

Get Your Girlfriend Back

He’s rude, arrogant and out for one thing – your girlfriend. How do you, a pretty nice guy, compete with a jerk? And why do women fall for jerks over the good guys?

I often get letters from guys who say they got dumped and replaced with a jerk.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; these jerks have a limited life span when it comes to relationships. Pretty soon, the qualities that attracted a woman to them in the first place are overshadowed by their other negative qualities.
Get Your Girlfriend Back

Here’s how you can adopt the qualities that attract women to jerks and yet still remain a decent guy and ultimately get your girlfriend back.

The first insight I want to share with you is that jerk behavior may not be as bad as we want to believe.

We don’t like these guys because they don’t engage in what we consider typically nice behavior, which means not stealing another man’s girl, which means being empathetic to others feelings, not creating wave and acting in ways that seek approval.

These guys don’t do that. Instead, they take charge. They take the lead. They let others buy their drinks. Instead of constantly complimenting women, they tease them. They have strong opinions and don’t mind sharing them, even if, maybe especially if, they are different than the popular opinion.

When you are looking at ways to get your girlfriend back, it helps to realize that maybe the reason we dislike the jerk so much is we are jealous. Maybe we wish we had the confidence to take charge, to not seek approval all the time and to have enough self-esteem to tease the most beautiful woman in the room.

Women are biologically programmed to be attracted to a man who comes off as a provider. That is often the vibe the jerk is sending out, which is part of the attraction. He doesn’t need anyone to care for or even like him, which makes him very attractive.

This attraction is not based on logical. It is based on emotions. It is a primal response, in a way.
So, without completely changing your values and personality, you can find a middle ground that will help you get your girlfriend back. It’s about being the Alpha Male.

It’s that special combination of security, reliability, and general good values mixed with being the guy who takes charge, who doesn’t seek approval or care what other people think.

If you can show her you are this perfect blend of nice guy and jerk, you will get your girlfriend back.

Take some of the traits of the jerk, such as being a little bit wild and crazy and provoking her emotions and see what happens.

Ultimately you will get your girlfriend back because when that thrill wears off – which is always does to some extent, you’ve got those decent guy values and behaviors underneath, which the true jerk, who is obnoxious and rude, doesn’t have.

When that thrill wears off, how do you prevent her from viewing you as the boring nice guy? You must always work to remain a bit of a challenge and a bit of a mystery.

Now that’s how to get your girlfriend back.

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