How To Get A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

Many dating gurus out there talk about the secret in how to get a girlfriend is to just be yourself. Well, this advice is both the truth and a lie at the same time.

I mean, sure that works if you are a self-confident, cool, alpha male type of personality naturally.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t. Or if we do have those traits, we may not exhibit them 100 percent of the time. In some instances, being ourselves might mean acting awkward, insecure, and self-conscious.
How To Get A Girlfriend

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

While being yourself is well-meaning advice, it can ultimately be devastating to your game.

Part of what I do is teach men how to be the real you without also being the awkward, dorky, unattractive you. Because here is the secret: In all men, there are two people inside – the anxious, insecure, awkward, poorly presented guy AND the alpha male, cool, confident, polished and relaxed.

Your job is to reconcile these two men inside you.

Part of your success will be in realizing that instead of trying to be someone you are not, you need to strive to be your own best you. IN other words, that second cool, confident, alpha make that is already inside you. You don’t have to adopt a fake personality, you just need to learn how to bring that part of you out.

In the long run, what you need to do is alter your self-image to make long-last changes.

In other words, you need to take the following steps to find a girlfriend:

How to Get a Girlfriend Step #1: Adopt new habits and behaviors

What this means is make that unattractive, insecure, awkward you transform into the relaxed, confident, alpha male you by adopting new habits and behaviors that promote that cool you.

It is all about baby steps. Taking small steps that adjust or adapt your behavior. The key to success in doing this is that you cannot emulate or strive for behavior that is the complete opposite or in total contradiction to your current self-image. If you stretch it that far, your mind will reject these adaptations.

How To Get A Girlfriend Step #2: Project Your Desirable Traits

What this means is being aware enough of your behaviors and traits that you are highlighting or focusing on the ones that are most attractive and are the ones that are proven ways to attract women.

At the same time, those parts of your personality that are less attractive, or that may even turn women off, such as insecurity, neediness and weakness, must remain hidden.

I have a little saying for these two steps; it is “fake it until you make it.”

Remember that you are not impersonating someone else; you are modeling your behavior to incorporate some of the pickup techniques that are out there and that are congruent to your own natural personality. This is the best and most effective method in how to get a girlfriend.

That is the key, right there, making your behavior second nature. Making it natural. It isn’t about changing who you are; it’s about expanding who you are and realizing your best self.

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