How To Get A Girlfriend

A lot of men is asking me how to get a girlfriend. People want what they can’t have.

That is why diamonds are so valuable. It’s also why an artists work skyrockets in price as soon as that person dies. It’s also why television shows like The Bachelor work where there is one guy and fifty girls. Suddenly a guy they wouldn’t give a second glance to in the real world is a hot commodity.

If you understand this concept, you are halfway to getting a girlfriend. The next step is how to make yourself something that is scare, rare, and worthy of someone’s attention.

A large part of creating a feeling of scarcity relies on perception. When someone feels as if they have to work hard to get something, they end up appreciating it more. When it comes to relationships, which means that when somebody seems difficult to attract, they seem more rare and seem to have more value.

It’s just like the concept of the spoiled rich kid who gets a sports car on his 16th birthday. He doesn’t care for the car and ends up either burning out the engine or crashing it before a year is up. He didn’t appreciate this luxurious gift because he didn’t have to lift a finger to get it.

When you don’t work or put out effort to get something, you usually don’t appreciate it and won’t make the effort to keep it around. The same theory applies to relationships. If you are too easy to get, women will take you for granted. That’s just human nature.

That’s why women like to play hard to get. It works. You need to make women feel lucky to garner your attention. The following tips will give you advice on how to do that. Increase your perception of being desired while you reduce how available you appear. Here are ways to do that:

How to Get a Girlfriend Tips:

1. Don’t answer your phone. Let her think you are too busy out there dating other amazing women.

2. When you make a date, only offer two different times you have free in one week. If the woman doesn’t make one of those times work or doesn’t suggest a time for the following week, then she isn’t interested enough, and you should move on.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about other women you date or know. It won’t scare her off. She will, instead, see you as more desirable.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. End the night first. Leave her wanting more by saying goodnight first and ending the date.

5. Do the same thing with kisses. Pull away first.

If you are able to successfully create a perception of scarcity in relation to yourself, you will find that women will be approaching you instead of the other way around.

It’s almost as if this perception builds on itself. Other women pick up on it and want a piece of the action. These are my golden tips on how to get a girlfriend.

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