Dating Tips For Men

Many men are either too arrogant or too self-conscious to realize that a little bit of knowledge about how to touch a woman in the bedroom goes a long way or asking some dating tips for men is a big embarrassment to their ego.

There is nothing wrong with realizing that you might not be born knowing it all. Some guys do learn, over years, with experience, what works and what doesn’t. Other men I know have been lucky enough to have those first few bedroom encounters with an experienced woman who doesn’t hesitate to teach him what to do and what not to do.

For the rest of the men out there, they might want to take a look at what women want and how to make sure that first encounter is the beginning of a mutually satisfying and long-lasting, sexual relationship. A few simple ground rules about kino (using touch for arousal) will keep you from ending up as a one-hit wonder.

Here are some things to remember:

Dating Tips for Men:

1. Wait as long as possible before you actually stimulate her directly. This means, along with using your touch to make her feel pleasure, also using your touch to tease. In very specific terms, this means not touching her where you know she wants you to touch her. You will get there eventually, but the anticipation on her end is half the fun and builds up the excitement to a crescendo.

2. Touch areas that most men ignore. Most men hone in right on the breasts and either squeeze them or suck the nipples. That is pretty common and not creative in the least bit. If you want to stand out from the masses, touch her breasts on the side or underneath. These are sensitive areas. Then work your way in, slowly. Pay attention to the cleavage area also, with your fingers and tongue.

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Another area ignored might be the back of her knees, the sides of her ankles, wrists, or elbows. Be creative.

3. Touch her all over. Women don’t want you to just touch her in her intimate parts. She likes to be caressed and rubbed all over — her back, her legs. If you do that during sex, she might lose her mind in pleasure. It also demonstrates that you are attracted to every part of her body, not just those that also pleasure you.

4. Ask her to show you where she likes to be touched. Ask her for specifics on where and how she likes to be stimulated. Every woman is different. Men who are worried that this shows incompetence on their part are wrong because every woman is different and likes to be touched in different ways and different places.

5. Lastly, make sure you stop with her always wanting more. This means you are not going to impress her by trying to have marathon sexual encounters to show your longevity. Be restrained and let her know you have more to offer.

These are some dating tips for men that will make her want more of you.

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