Dating Advice For Guys

You’ve got her number and you finally are hanging out together. She looks good, smells good, and has a brilliant smile. All you can think about is touching that soft womanly goodness. But you don’t want to blow it. You are in need to know dating advice for guys.

You know a little bit about kino. Mainly that it is a way to use touch to spark attraction, but you don’t know how to make that first move. You don’t want to come on too strong or offend her in any way, so just what should you do? Here are some ideas that work to initiate that all important, crucial first contact:

Dating Advice for Guys:

1. Touch her hands. Are you a romantic? Hands are a great place for you to start. Don’t try to hold her hand too early, but you can do a brief touch of her hand to start. After that, you can initiate a longer touch by knowing how to read palms. Pick up a basic book on palm reading. This is a fun skill that gives you a chance to hold her hand. You have a legitimate reason to touch her even on a first date. In addition, the hand is sensitive and sensual and a fun place to do kino. And last, many women are intrigued by any type of fortune telling so this engages her immediately.

2. Touch her forearm or upper arm. The inside of her arm is extremely sensitive so a light stroke there briefly works great. It also seems natural. It is likely you might touch her upper arm in passing, brushing it lightly. This is a bit more natural then touching her forearm, which can also be accomplished, but not as easily.

3. Touch her shoulders or back. There are many reasons you might touch her back or shoulders, such as when you are squeezing by her in the room or coming up to her from behind to let her know you are there.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. Touch her hips. I’m talking about right above where her butt stars. This is a sexy area, but you have to be very careful doing it and have a pretty darn good reason to touch her there. For instance, it would seem natural to touch her hips if you are dancing or if you are trying to pass by her in a crowded room. Chances are when it seems matter-of-fact like that; it will send shivers down her spine.

5. Touch her hair. Women want men to notice their hair. If you touch it lightly and tastefully while commenting on the efforts she took to make it look good, she will like that. Don’t specifically say you know she took time to make it look that good, but do comment on how soft it is, the color it is, how radiant it is or whatever you like and notice about it.

This is also a good test to see if she wants you to touch her. If you reach slowly for a strand of her hair and feel it between your fingers, notice if she flinches. If she doesn’t, that would be a good sign that she wants a kiss at the end of your get together.

These are some dating advice for guys that I will share for now and many more in the near future.

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