Dating Advice For Men

Be careful what you wish for because it might come true. Have you heard that saying before? I’ve heard a different variation that means the same thing, but appears to have even more power: Be careful what you put down on paper. Dating advice for men will unlock some mystery and provide some answers that you all been waiting for.

Well, I say instead of being careful, as in being wary, think hard about what you want to be like and put that down on paper. Words have power. Whether it is the words we use in our own heads to talk to ourselves (self talk); the words we use in conversation with others; or the words we put down on paper, we should think carefully about what we are saying.

The power of putting words down on paper is a huge benefit to men who are looking for ways to bolster their self-confidence in the dating arena.

Dating Advice For Men Tips:

1. Make a list of the traits you either have and want to emphasize or the characteristics you are hoping to obtain.

For instance, your list might look like this:

  • Clean
  • High Integrity
  • Good Provider/Successful
  • Caring/Giving
  • Great Dresser
  • Flexible
  • Chivalrous/Romantic
  • Physically Fit/Healthy
  • Emotionally Mature
  • Intelligent/Perceptive
  • Confident/Cocky
  • Creative
  • A Leader
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Spontaneous/Adventurous
  • Growing
  • A Good Listener
  • HumorousEvery single guy out there on the single scene should take some time to make a list like this.

2. Remember that in the dating arena, you are the product and you are the sole salesman. Look at the dating world that way. Know why someone should be interested in you. Keep your list of traits in your wallet and review them frequently.

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3. Have standards. You have your list now of what makes you a catch. Realize that a woman who can’t appreciate those qualities is the one who ultimately loses. Not you.

4. Research visualization and affirmation methods to bolster your self-esteem or help heal it if you have some deeper issues. Every single one of us can benefit from a self-esteem boost.

5. Set your boundaries and standards and stick to them. That means drawing your lines in the sand. Figure out what you will put up with and won’t put up with from other people. Stick to your guns. If you have this type of code or standard of behavior and expect others to live up to it, they will respect that and do so. If they don’t, they aren’t worth your time anyway.

This way, if someone mistreats you, they can either clean up their act or hit the road. It’s up to them once they know your boundaries.

If you look back on some of these tips, you’ll see there is a common theme running throughout them. It’s all about being the best man you can be. And although this is specific to the dating world, ultimately these behaviors and tips will help you lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life over all.

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