How to Seduce A Woman

Most men want to know how to seduce a woman. I often offer step-by-step instructions on how to do that, but ultimately your goal should be in becoming the type of man who naturally seduces a woman by just being the man you are.

If you are on the journey to do so, it helps to emulate some fictional characters that have alpha male traits that make women swoon.

For instance, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Dirty Harry are all great characters with traits that women want. Here are some of those characteristics for you to emulate:

How to Seduce A Woman Traits:

1. Have an abundance of self-confidence. These men never appear undecided or uncertain, even when they are making up their minds. They just ooze confidence.

2. Develop a sense of humor. Even when James Bond messes up, he always has some witty comeback that shows he has a great sense of humor even as he stands on the threshold of death.

3. Be sophisticated. Knowing a bit about wine, languages, technology, and food can go a long way to bolstering your sex appeal.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. Knowing when to get angry and how to get angry. I’m not talking about losing your temper. I’m talking about a healthy anger. Bond knows when he’s had it up to here with the villainess or villain. It is always controlled and justified anger. For instance, Indiana Jones always calls the women out when they act like princesses.

When you think about becoming the type of man who automatically seduces women just by being yourself, study these role models. Also, take a look at other actors, such as Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, James Dean, Cary Grant, and John Wayne.

Some of these characters are a bit old-fashioned, so when you go to emulate some of their behaviors, make sure you leave the sexist attitude out or you will foil yourself. Instead, look at how these men act and think about why this is attractive to women.

Usually it is because these men are confident, assertive, funny, and don’t put up with anyone treating them poorly.

If you simply learn how to do those few things, you will automatically be more attractive to women and will increase your seduction abilities tenfold.

These men all exhibit great male posture. They show by the way they act that they don’t really care if the women want them or not. That is one reason both men and women admired them.

It is a nonchalant attitude that it wouldn’t matter one way or the other who likes them or who doesn’t like them. That is true self-confidence.

These men are not wimpy, needy, or supplicating. They like who they are and that shines through crystal clear. At the same time, they are not arrogant jerks that think they can do know wrong. They are comfortable enough with themselves that they can laugh at themselves. And that is sexy.

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