How To Seduce A Woman

How To Seduce A Woman

Most men have no clue how to touch a woman. They don’t know when or how they should make that first contact, either.

The key to how to seduce a woman is anticipation. There are small ways to initiate this anticipation and they involve something called kino maneuvers. The first one involves very briefly touching the woman’s arm or shoulder. If you are at the bar and getting up from the booth for something, you could very lightly place your hand on her back and ask her if she needs anything. Make this a very simple and brief touch that lasts no longer than a second. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable and take away any attraction building factors it has generated.

Don’t touch a woman too early and make it extremely brief.

Here are some good places to touch early on if you want to know how to seduce a woman:

  • Hands. They are super sensitive and sensual. Don’t try to hold her hand too early, but you can briefly touch it. It’s fun to learn how to read palms and use that as a way to touch her hand.
  • Upper arm or Forearm. This is a very sensitive area and a light touch can send bolts of pleasure. You can easily touch the upper arm in passing.
  • Shoulders and Back. Shoulders are easy to touch as you pass by and even her back as you maneuver past. This is a simple first step in how to seduce a woman.
  • Hips. This means above her butt. This is risky area unless you are dancing or trying to squeeze by her in a crowded room. This is a great place to initiate attraction a bit later since it is such a sensual, intimate area.
  • Hair. You might compliment her on some aspect of her hair and then reach slowly for it, maybe feeling it between your fingers for no more than a second or two. This is also a good indicator of her attraction. If she doesn’t flinch when you do this, it might indicate you can kiss her goodnight later.
  • Back of her neck. Right underneath her hairline is an erogenous zone.
  • Face. Gently touching her cheek with the back of your hand is sexy. If you are looking her right in the eyes, this is very powerful.
  • Earlobes. It may seem overdone, but earlobes are also great erogenous zones
  • Lips. Learn how to kiss like a pro. Nothing will build anticipation better than a good kiss.
  • Feet. Learn how to give a good foot massage. They are very suggestive. Use oil and she might ask you to spread it around the rest of her body.
  • Let’s talk a minute about massage. Sometimes people give full body massages a bit too early. It comes off a bit like you are a pick up artist. We all know what the end result of a massage can be. If you really want to be a pro at how to seduce a woman, I would save this for a later date.

– Carlos Xuma

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