Seduction Tips

Let’s face facts – most single men are looking for one of two things: A woman to have sex with or a woman to make their girlfriend and have sex with and not listen to some seduction tips they can get. It’s natural, its normal, and it’s the truth. Very few men don’t think about the ways they can seduce a woman once they meet her.

But once you have met a woman and you are going to be intimate, there are a few things you can do to make both yours and her experience as satisfying as possible.

The more you know about how to make a woman happy in the sack, the happier you will ultimately be. Here are some simple rules that will help you keep your mojo going on. If you pay attention to these five tips, your love life will improve and she will be one happy lady:

Seduction Tips:

1. Take Your Time. Use touch to tease and please. Don’t directly stimulate her where you think she wants it. Wait and have fun with it. The longer she waits and the more anticipation builds, the better it will be. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. The longer you wait, the richer the reward seems.

2. Don’t Go For The Obvious Spots. Some men thinking grabbing a woman’s breasts turns them on. Get creative. What about touching her on the sides of her breasts or underneath? Touch areas that are more uncommon during seduction. This includes places she applies perfume. How about the inside of her arms, the back of her knees, or other places not traditionally stimulated?

3. Touch Her All Over. Women crave touch, especially in the throes of intimacy. Rub her back and caress her leg and it will put her over the top. It brings the focus to her entire body and makes her feel closer to you.

4. Ask her. Let her show you where she wants to be touched. Let her show you how and where she wants to be stimulated. It doesn’t show ignorance on your part, it shows that you care enough to get it right. It really is the key to being a great lover. Find out how she likes to be touched and then do it. Ask her if you are getting it right. It will be worth it to take the time to do this, even if it seems a bit awkward at first.

5. Make her want more. You can do this, by not burning out on sex. You don’t have to have sexual marathons. Leave a little room and desire for more. This can also mean ending the date early or being the first one to hang up during a phone call. It might even mean not kissing her goodnight on the first date.

If you pay attention to these five seduction tips, your love life will improve dramatically. You will stand out from the masses of men who are really oblivious to what women want.

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