How To Get A Girl To Want Me

If you want a girl to be attracted to you, the first thing you have to do is initiate touch. A great way to easily do this is by learning palm reading. Then, you can bring it up in conversation. Most women will flat out ask you to read their palms. You won’t even have to offer. You can even pretend you don’t want to, but then give in.

So, the first step in learning how to get a girl to want me is to pick up a book on reading palms and memorize it. You can also do a little research online. Mainly the art of palm reading involves recognizing the lines that signify life, health, head, heart, and fate. The rest is something you can interpret any way you want. After all, really you just want an excuse to touch her.

Another great way to touch someone for the first time is to find a piece of jewelry she is wearing and talk about it. Comment on it. Reach in and draw her close to you so you can examine the piece of jewelry. It’s best to avoid items close to the chest, such as necklaces, because that might feel intrusive. Earrings are good. You can move in close and brush her neck gently as you examine her earring.

Remember, there are four rules about touching a woman that I’ll share below:

How To Get A Girl To Want Me Tips:

1. The very first rule you need to remember about touching a woman is you need to make the first touches brief. You may overwhelm her, wear out your welcome, if you touch her too long or in too intense of a way. The goal is to touch her lightly to arouse her curiosity. You want to build her anticipation, wondering when and where you are going to touch her next.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. The second rule you need to remember about touching a woman is you need to make sure you never touch any private part of her body unless she first asks you to do so. That means stay away from her breasts, crotch, and butt. You are also proving that you have discipline if you can hold off on some of this more intimate touching.

3. The third rule you need to remember about touching a woman is you need to make sure you are trying to touch areas of her body that most men don’t. For instance, focus on places such as her neck, her ears, and her lower back. If you gently and briefly stimulate these areas instead of the typical sexual areas, you will make her blood boil.

4. The fourth rule you need to remember about touching a woman is you must keep your touch gentle. Have a light touch. Women aren’t like men who like to slap each other’s butts when they play football or give each other hearty slaps on the back when they see one another. Women respond best to a light touch. Roughly grabbing a woman or touching her abrasively will only be a turn off.

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