Is She Playing Hard To Get

Is She Playing Hard To Get?

The scenario. She broke up with you. Your heart is broken. Are you confused about why you broke up? Did she give you half-hearted answers? Did you come on too strong? Did you notice her gradually moving away and distancing herself form you? Did you find yourself getting clingy, needy, wimpy, and supplicating?

This is probably why she broke up.

Verdict: She’s not playing hard to get.

Is She Playing Hard To Get?

The aftermath. Your self-esteem is shot. Every fiber of your being is urging you to go out and meet someone else to shore up your self-confidence. You have this deep-seated unspoken fear that you will never get another girl again ever. In your life. Ever.

At the same time, you miss her. You know whomever you date right now will be on the rebound. You’ll start to regret acting hastily and end up hurting some poor girl who was just looking for a nice boyfriend.

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Is She Playing Hard To Get?

The plan. You can’t be a real man or even be your most attractive to women unless you figure out how to be happy and life without a woman in your life. You need to take some time to recuperate. Use your self-discipline and follow these rules:

  • Don’t call her.
  • Stop thinking about her. Stop wondering if she’s dating someone else. Stop wondering if she is going to that trendy new club tonight. Stop wondering if you still have a chance with her.
  • Instead of spending all your time thinking about her, whenever you get the urge to think about her or call her, take action. Play a video game. Go to the gym. Ride your bike. Take a hike. Read a book.
  • Take a few weeks off from all women. Concentrate on you. Get your game together again.Is She Playing Hard To Get?
    Get back out there. You aren’t going to attract any women sitting at home drinking beer, eating pizza, and playing video games. Get out to where the women are and practice your technique.Is She Playing Hard To Get?
    Tease to Please. Here are a few reminders on how to do this strategy:
  • Don’t ever compliment a woman on something about her physically. The beautiful women hear this constantly. The not as attractive women will be suspicious and wary of your compliments.
  • Instead, look for something about her appearance to tease her about. Maybe her roots are showing. Ask her if the two-tone look is coming back and tell her you were thinking of dying your roots red. Give her a smile so she knows it is all in jest. She might be a little stuffy at first, but trust me, she likes that you are already approaching her in a different way than other guys do. Just make sure you keep it inoffensive and lighthearted. Don’t cross the line into insulting. Make sure it is said in a playful tone with a smile every time
  • Remember that the men who act like they aren’t attracted to the women are the ones who find success. Those are the men who get results. By teasing a woman, you are essentially saying just that.

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