Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting Tips For Guys

When it comes to sucking face or making out, guys don’t seem to realize that this is a make or break point. You need to make sure your extended kissing sessions are done with skill and finesse.

You are familiar with most of my flirting tips for guys and everything seems to be going along swimmingly: you’ve had that first touch and that first kiss, but now is not the time to blow it.Here are a few rules for extended kissing I like to share as part of my flirting techniques for guys:

Flirting Tips For Guys:

1. Do not kiss her in front of her friends. Many women are afraid of being considered slutty. This is ingrained in them by society, their upbringing and it is even a biological programmed response. Women are conscious of what others think.

2.  Do not kiss her for very long in any public place. Move it to a private venue as soon as you can. If you want the extended kissing to progress in any way, you need to isolate her.

3. Calm down. Too many guys get frenzied and turn it into a passion-fest. Start out slowly and you can build the tension even higher. Don’t start macking on her at the first sign that she is also attracted to you and responding to your embrace.

Further flirting tips for guys:

The rules above are just a few general ones to observe when you are doing some extended kissing. But here’s something else to keep in mind: do you know how good a kisser you are? If you don’t, then you need to improve. Men who are great kissers have been told this for ages and they have no doubts. If you do have doubts, ask for feedback and guidance to improve your skills.

One easy way to be considered a good kisser is simply to make sure you are kissing slower than she is and be very gentle. This will make you a better kisser instantly.

One thing I point out when I talk about seducing tips for guys, is the fact that extended kissing is just one of the stepping stones to deeper intimacy. It’s about making her desire you and enticing her to be alone with you.

You may start out kissing in public, but you need to take the action somewhere more private – preferably her place or yours. For instance, when you drop her off, you might ask to see something in her apartment she mentioned earlier or ask for a drink of water. Same applies about your place. It helps to mention that you will only stay, or she can only stay for a little while. That way there are no expectations and if something ends up happening then that’s okay, as well.

If she expresses fears or reluctance, don’t try to convince her otherwise. You have to respect her caution if she seems put off or uncomfortable. Let it go. Tell her that she’s right and that you have to wake up early tomorrow anyway, so it was probably not a good idea in the first place.

One last note in my flirting tips for guys: Don’t try to make sure you have another date right now. This is not the time to ask her out again. You want her wondering and anticipating so that when you do ask her out again she is excited about it.

-Carlos Xuma

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