How To Approach A Girl – for a kiss rules

How To Approach A Girl

Before you even consider moving in for that first kiss, make sure you have already moved past that first touch. If you want a girl to respond to your kiss, you have to work on building attraction, creating tension, and stoking anticipation. These are some notes that we will share on how to approach a girl.

In addition, a kiss can’t be given before you have ever touched her in any way. This will only make her uncomfortable and make the experience go badly for both of you. I think that you need to have at least touched her one time in a more-than-friends manner.

In fact, it is best if you have established that touching is a part of your interaction and that she is comfortable with you touching her regularly and affectionately.

Guys who are baffled when they don’t get an end of the date kiss or are kept at arm’s length don’t realize that ninety-nine percent of the time the woman is acting that way because the men skipped all the steps leading up to that first kiss.

Here are some rules I like to share on approaching a girl for a kiss:

How to Approach A Girl for a Kiss Rules:

1. Make sure that first kiss is brief. Make it shorter than she wants it to be and even shorter than you want it. Be the first one to end the kiss and pull away. You have to do this. Make her want more.

2. Never make that first kiss nonsexual on the cheek or hand. Plant one on her lips.

3. Don’t use a lot of deep tongue, unless she initiates it first. Otherwise, make your kiss mostly dry and smooth. Even a bit gentle. It is extremely effective to tease her a bit with some tongue.

4. Be sure you aren’t embracing her on that first kiss. It is stifling. Instead, you can hold her hand or touch her hip gently and lean in.

5. There is no set-in-stone rule that says you have to wait until you say goodbye to move in for that first kiss. Whenever you feel its s a good time, move in. The earlier the better. Then you both aren’t waiting to see what happens at the end. This also gets rid of that standard “date” pattern that can be so boring.

You can even broach it by saying you hate when it gets uncomfortable and you are both wondering if you will kiss each other at the end of the date. If she agrees, lean in and give her a quick kiss. You can joke that now she doesn’t need to be nervous about it anymore. This move shows you are confident and she’ll be anticipating another kiss at the end of the date. Anticipation leads to heightened physical attraction. These are some tips on how to approach a girl for a kiss.

– Carlos Xuma

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