Seduction Tips

Seduction Tips

When it comes to seduction tips, I don’t think you need to wait until your first kiss to touch a woman.

I think it is important early on to send a subtle signal that you aren’t talking to her or hanging out with her because you want to be her new best friend forever. In fact, touching is a great way to remove yourself from the treacherous and slippery slopes of the “friend zone” right away.

A great place to initiate that first touch is on your first meeting. This is the time where you can lay the groundwork and clearly let her know your intentions and your interest. Do this instead of talking about how much you like her or flattering her with compliments. The best seduction tips involve showing her physically which triggers attraction unlike words do.

Here are a few rules I like to share with my flirting techniques that you should follow for that first touching.

Seduction Tips:

  • Make it short and sweet. In this case, less is more. Do not linger during those first couple of times you are touching her.
  • Keep it nonsexual. That means don’t touch her breasts or her butt or anything like that. Keep it sensual, but not sexual.
  • Find unusual, overlooked areas to touch, such as the back of her hand or even the inside of her elbow.
  • Make your touch so light that it almost tickles.

Here are some more tips about that first touch:

  • Warm up to the first touching by getting physically near her. For instance, slowly (not overtly) move in closer to her body. Pay attention to her body language to see how she reacts to this and if she is comfortable. If she’s not, back off a bit and wait.
  • A fun way to touch her is to learn about palm reading. This is an easy way to stimulate and arouse her body and mind at the same time. (I recommend the “DK” brand book on reading palms if you decide to learn.)
  • Another great way to initiate that first touch is to comment on a piece of jewelry she has on. As you talk about it, touch it to bring her closer. If it’s her ring, you can say, “I like that ring, it’s unique. Does it have a story?” While you say this, take her hand and pull her nearer. If you comment on her necklace, stay far away from the breast area. It is nice to focus on earrings because you can gently brush the side of her neck as you examine her earring.

Another important rule I give with my seduction tips is that you don’t want to come off overbearing. Don’t touch too much, too long, or too intensely the first few times. Let her want you to touch her more.

Remember, also not to touch her in sexual areas because it demonstrates you have tact and self-control.

Your goal right now is to stoke her fires at the same time you make her trust you and feel comfortable with your touch. Use the seduction tips above in luring your woman.

-Carlos Xuma

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