How To Meet Women

How To Meet Women

The date is set. It’s less than an hour away. You look good, smell good, and are feeling good. Ready to follow some tips on how to meet women.

Now, all that’s left is meeting her for the first time and knocking her socks off. But just how to do this?

Many of you have leap over the first hurdles with grace, ease, and now are looking for some tips on that all-important first meeting.

You can make that first encounter more successful some principles and goals for that first meeting. Remember that during that first get together, you should only have two goals. The first one is to stoke her interest, attraction, and excitement for you, which will naturally translate into a second date. The second goal is to get a kiss at the end of the date.

If you want to achieve these two seemingly simple, but sometimes difficult goals, you need to follow these principles and keep them interested:

How To Meet Women and Keep Women Traits:

1. Maintain your Mystique. This means do not reveal all. Give her a hint of you and your lifestyle, but don’t go into too much detail. Instead, steer the conversation so that she is the focus, while leaking tiny bits of information about you occasionally so she doesn’t become mistrustful.

2. Posture. Learn about body language, show that you are confident, and not a man to be trifled with. Your body language alone will show her you have command of your world and your destiny. This is extremely attractive to women. You can also demonstrate the three S’s partly through posture. (Remember they are sense of humor, self-confidence, and self-control.)

3. Teasing to Please and Challenging. By using some gentle teasing at the same time you are challenging her sense of self a bit, she will look at you with new eyes. You will stand apart from the guys who usually fawn all over her and then rush in to smother her.

4. Charm. Now is the time to be sophisticated, witty and suave so she gets a glimpse into how romantically interesting you are. Use your body language, eye contact, and smile to keep the sexual tension charged high and avoid becoming best friends forever. You can also keep sexual tension high by kinesthetic – touching her at opportune times.

5. Patience. Don’t move too fast or you will scare her away. It’s going to take more than hanging out for a few hours before most women will want to come back to your place and get intimate. You need to stoke not only her attraction toward you, but also her trust in you. Take your time and notice when she’s reached her limit for that date. Then lay the path for a future encounter. Put in the time and effort and it will be better in the long run anyway.

There you have it. 5 traits on how to meet women and keep women.

-Carlos Xuma

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