How To Get A Girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

When you are looking at how to get a girlfriend, you might not admit it even to yourself, but one quality or trait that is essential is her personality in the sack. And that’s okay. When a couple aren’t compatible in the bedroom that can lead to serious problems that destroy the relationship.

So, you have my permission to state that a girl’s sexual type is important when you are looking at how to have a girlfriend. Add that to your list of important traits when you are narrowing the field.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at extreme female sex types. Now, when you are making that list of traits you want when you set out on your quest on how to date a girl of your dreams, you might find that your dream girl is a mix of more than one type. That is natural, but it helps to have some basic understanding of the different types out there.

How to get a Girlfriend of extreme female sex types:

The Porn Star. She’s adventurous and unbelievable in the bedroom. She wants to do it everywhere and anywhere. Her sex toy collection is practically intimidating. Beware that you are not the jealous type or insecure, because she will easily discard you when someone else catches her fancy. Probably not your best choice if you are looking in getting a girlfriend.

The Nympho. Not unlike the Porn Star, this girl has a giant sexual appetite. Sounds like a dream to you? Well, you need to be careful because if you aren’t willing to satisfy her needs and give her the amount of sex she craves, he also will leave you in the dirt.

The Frozen Girl. This gal is the opposite of the Nympho. She has no sex drive to speak of. She doesn’t enjoy sex – if she deigns to put out for you. She probably hates men so avoid her as soon as you recognize her type.

Super Sensitive. This woman wants you to talk and talk about your feelings and needs a ton of stroking. If you are the affectionate type, she might be right up your alley. Walk that fine line between giving her assurance, while maintaining that mystique that turns women on.

Dead Fish. She’s in a coma during the sex act. She’s never fun. It’s too much work. Avoid her.

Role Player. This can be fun in limited doses. She likes to fantasize that she’s not herself, and frankly, that you’re not you. But if it is overdone, it makes you wonder what she dislikes so much about the real world.

Switch Hitter. This can be fun for a threesome, but beware; it can also lead to disappointment, especially if you are the jealous type. You might learn some cool techniques, though.

Sexual Controller – She calls the shots in the bedroom. That’s fine if you like the dominant type who needs to feel as if she owns you.

If you are looking at how to get a girlfriend, you should memorize these types. Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that for most of us guys, there is a happy medium, a combination of these extreme types that come together to make us happy. It’s different for each of us and that’s why you need to know what works for you and then rule out the women who don’t exhibit those traits.

-Carlos Xuma

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