Seduction Tips

Seduction Tips

The ability to learn from your mistakes also can help make you a sexual dynamo in the bedroom. While knowledge and experience is key, you should also take some time to learn the basics.

The techniques and advice I’m going to talk about today are concepts you should remember if you want to give women pleasure and to avoid problems.

Here are few seduction tips you need to bring to the bedroom if you want her to truly appreciate your sexual talents:

Seduction Tips #1 Knowledge of Female Bodies

One of the greatest ways to turn a woman on is to know about the female body. While every woman may have a different erogenous zone, you know enough about women to explore which ones turn her on the most.

Seduction Tips #2 Foreplay.

I really shouldn’t have to say this, but I will. Foreplay may be the most important skill you bring to the bedroom. Take the time to engage in foreplay and make it last. Draw it out. Touch her all over her body lightly and she will want you even more.Don’t be in a rush to get busy. Take your time. Spend longer on foreplay. Slow down. If she’s turned on enough by your foreplay, there will be no turning back anyway.

Seduction Tips #3 Direct stimulation

Learn how to touch a woman with your mouth and fingers and learn when to touch her. Learn how to go down on a woman and how to stimulate her clitoris with your fingers. But here’s the key, don’t go right in for the kill. It can actually be painful for her. You need to take your time and be very certain she is ready for direct stimulation of this extremely sensitive area.

Seduction Tips #3 Eye Contact.

Look her right in the eye so she knows that it’s not just her vagina you want. Appreciate her and let her know you do.

Seduction Tips #4 Use a condom. Enough said.

Seduction Tips #5. Get her off first.

If you want her to keep coming back for more sex, be a giver in the bedroom. Let her teach you how to send her over the moon. Then it can be your turn.

Seduction Tips #6 Keep it simple.

You might have all the positions in the Kama sutra memorized, but you don’t need to bring them out your first night together. Show her you got the basics down pat and save the complicated body-twisting acrobats for another time. You don’t need to get too experimental during your first foray together. Women don’t need that. You are better off spending time on foreplay and ensuring that she is majorly turned on and satisfied. That way she will be coming back for more and you can explore new positions and your sexual appetites together.

But she will not even consider anything like that if don’t take the time in the beginning to pleasure her and make her comfortable with you and your sexual prowess.

-Carlos Xuma

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