How To Get A Girlfriend In 3 Simple Steps

Millions of men have girlfriends, so why does it sometimes seem so tough to make this a reality in your world? It should be simple. But it’s not always a cinch for everyone. Unless you know a bit about what women want, you might blow your chances to get a girlfriend.

Over the years, most of the guys who have turned to me for advice, want to know one thing: How to get a girlfriend.

I’m going to share with you probably the most basic, simple plan that works on how to get a girlfriend. If you pay attention and follow these steps, it will work for you, just like it’s worked for hundreds of other men.

Here’s what you do:

How To Get A Girlfriend – Step 1: Look at it like a business.

If you think about it, getting a date and subsequently, a girlfriend, is all about being a good salesman. This is on two levels. The first part means selling yourself as a highly sought after product.

The second is running the numbers. There are lots of women – an ocean full of women – but only a few pearls. Realizing that now, puts you ahead of the game. And remember, sometimes it takes opening a lot of oysters to find the pearl inside.

You can’t always tell right away which ones have what you want. It might take some time. You might have to make a lot of sales calls and give a lot of pitches before you can close the deal.

So running the numbers essentially means meeting as many women as possible.

This gives you practice for the next step:

How To Get A Girlfriend – Step 2: Perfect your sales pitch.

I want you to have your sales pitch down to a science. You know that elevator speech you would give to Donald Trump during an elevator ride to get him to invest in your business – you need it to be that clear cut and concise when you are selling yourself to a girl.

You are asking her to invest her time and energy into you and you better have great reasons why she should do so. And you probably have less than a minute to capture her interest before she dismisses you. You better have a good plan of exactly what your sales pitch is. Most guys have no clue.

By knowing what to say, you will stand a head above anyone else who approaches her. Without having this down pat, you might just loose an excellent opportunity to find that rare pearl in the sea of empty oysters.

How To Get A Girlfriend – Step 3: You gotta CLOSE the deal.

Did you know that many salesmen never are able to close a deal because they neglect to do one thing – ask for the sale.

People are so afraid to ask that they don’t even realize that many times someone is just waiting to say yes. It stems from a form of insecurity. Maybe they think the girl is too good for them or they are just afraid of rejection.

Which is worth – rejection or realizing that you let an amazing girl slip through your fingers because you were afraid to ask! To me, that is harder to live with than rejection. That’s called regret. Rejection is totally out of your hands for the most part. Regret – that is the thing you can control.

When it comes to how to get a girlfriend, you need to know when to say, “Let’s cut to the chase here. You want this, I want this, let’s quit playing games.” Then take it past the friendship level, grab her hand, and kiss her, whatever your style is. Make it happen.

If you follow these three simple steps, it might not happen for the first few girls you approach, but with time and practice, you are bound to end up in a relationship with a girlfriend. And sometimes half the fun is the journey to get where you want to be.

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