How To Get Women

How To Get Women

In the dance to seduce women, it often seems like we take two steps forward and one step back.

The reason?

As many of you know who are studying how to get women, trust is so important to a woman and if you move too fast, she’s not going to feel comfortable and will not trust herself with you. Women often have a constant battle in their minds between being attracted to you and needing to trust you. You want to help her tip the scales so her attraction overpowers her wariness and you can progress faster.

But if you move too fast, she will feel rushed and smothered and will run away. Just like men, women don’t want their freedom threatened.

How to get women analogy:

1. It’s like flying a kite. The effort you put out to become intimate with a woman mimics what you do to get and keep the kite in the air.

For instance, you might run at first and give just enough energy to get the kite into the wind. But you need to finesse it. You sometimes have to take a step back in and keep the string taut to keep it in the air. Sometimes when a big gust of wind comes along, you might have to let out some of the line. You want to keep that tension in your kite string.

2. Well when you are learning how to get girl of your dreams, remember this tension in the string analogy. Maintain that tension between you and notice when it becomes slack or too tight and adjust your attentions accordingly. One way to remember this is to imagine that her attraction and trust for you is like that kite.

Sometimes some stormy weather erupts, the wind whips, and you are in danger of that kite crashing. One maelstrom that often happens to men learning how to have women is the woman worried about being considered a slut.

3. Even if she is very attracted to you, most women in the world never want to feel that they are too easy. Society and upbringing have cautioned her against this since she was a small child. In addition, they are biologically programmed through evolution to be wary of intimacy with just anyone. Thousands of years ago, if a woman wasn’t careful, she could be abandoned and left to protect and raise a child alone in a harsh world.

This is why women today are very picky about whom they get intimate with. Even women who want to enjoy casual sex and love it, still have that primitive part of their brain sending out danger signals and telling her she needs to trust and feel safe and protected by the man she is intimate with.

When you go about learning how to get women, remember that the slut complex will be an obstacle with nearly every woman you meet. If you can show that you are a trustworthy guy while you work to increase her desire for you, you will have the winning combination for a mutually satisfying intimate relationship.

-Carlos Xuma

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