Flirt With Women

Flirt With Women

It happens to the best of us at least once: we see someone across the room and we really want to approach her, get her phone number, and get that first meeting set up.

A lot of us who study how to flirt with women also know how to walk up to any woman anywhere and strike up a conversation. But then when it comes time for her or us to leave and we need some way to reach her in the future, something happens.

We freeze. Sometimes it seems like a huge chasm opens up between the approach and asking for her contact information.

Really, you should look at that initial approach and asking for her number as inseparable. They really shouldn’t be two separate steps. If you really know your stuff, you can make this a seamless transition.

One very effective way to generate attraction between you and a woman is to be cocky and funny, right? Well, I call it “teasing to please”, it refers to a technique I teach that takes you beyond the places that cocky, and funny will get you.

Teasing to please also helps you in the greater dating arena. It involves more than just getting contact information. It will keep the relationship progressing.

Flirt with Women Tease To Please Steps:

1. The first step is to approach a woman and give yourself four minutes or less to talk to her. This means giving yourself three seconds between the time you see her and when you walk up to her and initiate a conversation. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of garnering her interest.

2. In those first three seconds you must give her the once over and decide on something about the way she looks that you can comment about. Start at her feet, looking at her shoes and work your way up. If you want this to be effective, you cannot comment on a physical trait, such as her big boobs, curvy butt, or pouty lips. And you really don’t want to comment on how attractive she is in general.

3. Make your comment. Maybe she has on cherry red platform heels, so say to her “Those are really unique. I know my sister would love those, where did you get them?”

Smile and make eye contact as you say this.

By the way, if you don’t have a sister, refer to some other female relative you have.

Whatever you do, do not shower her with nauseating flattery, such as telling her the red brings out the color in her lips or something else transparent and annoying. This is not the time for this type of flattery.

Act like it’s no big deal when she responds and almost act like you really need to be somewhere else. Don’t be a jerk, but be mysterious. She’ll be wondering if you like her or just really were curious about her shoes (or whatever).

4. Now, you have just four minutes to say something and get her phone number and walk away, so here’s where the teasing to please comes in:

Tell her that while her shoes caught your eye, you think she would look better if they were brown instead of red.

This immediately makes you different and more interesting than any other guy that night that has been sucking up to her complimenting her on her red shoes.

Now’s the time to move in, ask for her number and disappear. These are some of the few steps on how to flirt with women.

-Carlos Xuma

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