How To Pick Up Women

How To Pick Up Women

It has gone like clockwork.

You saw her on the subway, approached her, charmed her socks off, and got off at your stop with her phone number in hand.

Confident that you left a good impression and that she might even be eagerly anticipating your call, let’s talk about the next step in how to pick up women.

The next step, of course, is making that first phone call. The reason this call is so important is that it will determine whether you go any further. In other words, this call is all about arranging your next meeting in person.

Remember that when I talk about how to seduce women, I generally advice men to avoid a traditional date. What you want to strive for is a meeting that is fun and thrilling and that will send her desire for you through the roof.

There is a golden rule about meeting a woman in this way (a cold contact). It goes like this: the stronger an attraction and interest you generated, the easier it will be when you call her. But let’s face it, the few minutes between subway stops doesn’t always give you the chance to deepen that attraction the way you’d like.

When you are learning how to flirt with women, you are going to want to remember these rules for that first phone call. Memorize the following:

How To Pick Up Women Rules:

1. Make that first call during the week. That means avoid calling her from Friday to Sunday nights.

2. Wait at least two days before calling. I recommend calling on the third day.

3. If you get voice mail, leave one message and only wait two days for a return call. (Make sure you have caller ID for this call.)

4. By the second day, if she hasn’t called back, call one more time. However, do not leave a message if she doesn’t answer. When you make this call block your caller ID. If she doesn’t call back then, move on. It’s not worth your self-esteem or time to bother any further. Moving on when it’s time is one of the most important rules in how to get the  women of your dreams.

5. However, when you do reach one another, remember you only have one goal – setting a date for your next meeting in person. Keep it short and concise. Ask her a question about her day and then immediately set a date. Show you are busy and do not spend more than five or ten minutes talking.

6. When you set a date for a meeting, only offer two days you are available and never more than four days in the future. This increases the likelihood she will keep the meeting and also shows you are a busy guy. So, in this case, say you have three other activities scheduled this week, but that Tuesday and Thursday night are free. Be confident and say it like this “What works better for you? Tuesday or Thursday?”

If she is busy both nights and doesn’t suggest another night, move on. If she likes you, she’ll offer a different day. If you follow these rules in how to pick up women, you’ll do great. It’s that easy.

-Carlos Xuma

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