Pick Up Women

You leave the club or bar or party with her number snugly in your pocket. It was a successful night. You met an amazing girl and she liked you enough to talk to you all night long and then give you her phone number before you had to part. You’ve studied how to pick up women and learned the right way to approach a woman and spark her interest.

You’ve done the number close tonight, but there is a tiny bit of anxiety you feel, even though you should be on top of the world.

Here’s the question that’s bugging you and actually bothers many guys: Now that you have her number, how long should you wait before giving her that first call?

Some guys say wait two days. Some say wait two weeks.

I say let common sense and self-control guide you. I believe that the same day or even the next day is too soon. Why? Because it makes you look desperate. In addition, you want to give her the impression that you are busy and calling right away does the opposite of that.

Pick up Women Secrets:

1. When you want to attract women successfully after you get their number and are arranging a date, wait between three to seven days before you call.

In addition, you are too busy to call her from Friday to Sunday, so make sure you are calling during the week. You can call her Sunday night and tell her you wanted to give her a chance to get together before your week fills up.

2. Here’s another important tidbit to remember when in dating: Only leave one message. If she doesn’t answer, only call that first time. If she doesn’t call back, give her one more shot: Call her again after two days pass. After that, move on.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman

On that second message you might say something like this: Tell her she’s either screening her calls or playing hard to get and you think that is cute. Tell her you wanted to call her one last time to see if she wanted to meet for coffee.

Remember this is the last time you will call her.

When you do reach her on the phone jog her memory by saying hello and saying, “It’s Jake. I met you at (wherever it was). How are you doing?”

See what she has to say. Look for red flags that might show a lack of interest on her part or anything strange that won’t work for you. Then when she says her piece, make plans to get together and then get off the phone. Don’t take any time to chit chat. You are busy. Make your plans to meet and get off the phone. Talking on the phone is not going to spark sexual attraction. Arrange a face-to-face meeting as soon as possible.

3. Here’s the secret in how to seduce women: Tell her you were thinking of going to (wherever) and ask her if Friday or Saturday works best for her? You’ve given her two options so she will either say yes or no.

Remember, don’t call without a plan of where and when you are going to meet her. Give her two options. Make it sound fun and interesting.

If she turns you down, say that you thought the two of you had something in common. Tell her to get a pen. Give her your number and then say if she wants to spend time with a great, funny guy, she can give you a call. Then tell her to have a good week and hang up. Period. That’s how you pick up women and weed through the good ones to find yourself a date. It’s that easy.

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