Pick Up Artist Technique

I remember seeing a movie once, it might have been “Sling blade”, or maybe not, but anyway there was a character in it that was the biggest jerk on the planet. He would try to laugh off his demeaning and insulting behavior by adding this to the end of every barb: “Just kidding.” The best pick up artist technique is not in what you say, it is your actions.

He would say, “You’re such an idiot. You know I’m just kidding.” And so on. The point is, that his words meant nothing.

Well, when it comes to dating, something similar applies. I don’t care how often you tell a woman she is pretty or pledge your never-ending love and loyalty to her. She is only going to judge you on your actions.

Women don’t hear – and don’t want to hear – your meaningless words. They want to see how you act.

Composing love notes and sonnets and professing your admiration rarely works. That is also why trying to use a compliment  rarely works.

When it comes to the dating arena, you have to demonstrate your intentions instead of talk about them. Your actions are much more powerful than your words. Instead of whispering sweet nothings in her ear, show her how you feel about her with the way you touch her arm or rub her back.

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These types of gestures are golden when it comes to dating. Instead of telling her how attractive you find her, let her know by the way you look at her and touch her.

Another important aspect of this is that your actions are worth more than any amount of money you might spend to impress her. Here are some very effective ways to show you like her:

Pick Up Artist Techniques:

  • Write a suggestive lyric or poem on her mirror.
  • Text or email her a flirtatious anecdote
  • Leave a small piece of chocolate on the bed covers without a note
  • Say something suggestive on her voice mail and then hang up with a click.


When it comes to techniques, remember that a lot of these gestures should not be used when you are first beginning to see each other. Save them for when you have been in a relationship for a while.

One point of these gestures is to spark her interest and curiosity and leave her wondering. They should never flat out say how you feel about her. Give her something to question and puzzle over. Create a little mystery.

After you have spent some time practicing this dating  technique and are more sure of her mutual interest in you, then you might decide to broach the topic as a conversation. But you have already invested the time and energy to show how you feel first.

That has also given you a chance to gauge her interest level in you so you aren’t the one foolishly spouting feelings and desires that may not be mutual. These are some pick up artist technique that might help guys who are into dating.

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