Dating Tips For Guys

It is ironic, but the first thing I say when I offer dating tips for guys is to stop dating. You read that right. Don’t date.

When I say that I mean, don’t do the traditional, somewhat old-fashioned dating scene, which involves asking a girl to dinner and then following it up with a trip to the movie theater.

There are so many reasons to avoid this that I will only give a few:

1. It is a familiar dance step that takes all the mystery out of any interaction you hope to have with this girl. It sends an immediate signal to her that she interprets as being familiar. She knows you like her and are attracted to her and this is a bit boring.

2. It is predictable. And that is also boring.

3. It triggers a girl’s defense mechanisms. She knows how to set up the obstacle course for you immediately.

So, what does work? You want to break the mold and excite the women you hang with. To do so you need to avoid the following “traditional” dates:

Dating Tips for Guys:

1. Taking her to a restaurant for dinner. This demonstrates zero imagination, costs a bundle, and makes her feel obligated. Lot of weirdness and awkwardness, so avoid it.

2. Going to the movies. You have little chance to interact at all. It takes zero initiative or imagination on your part and you have almost no chance to talk and get to know each other. IN addition, if the movie sucks, you end up looking bad and both of you have a bad time.

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3. Taking her to a bar for a drink. This is where the guys who DON’T have someone to hang out with are. Again, you are stuck spending a lot of money (it was your idea to meet there, right?) The only time this works is if you use this as a launching pad for your other endeavors that night.

If you avoid those three big “traditional” dating scenes, what’s left? Mini-Adventures. Your goal is to create these experiences for her.

Dating Tips For Guys after the first time you meet:

  • Game Playing. This could be playing miniature golf, playing pool or even an arcade. You might even invite her to a round of Guitar Hero at your house and have a drink there before you head out.
  • Unusual shopping. Do you live near some interesting shops, such as an underground CD shop or other fun place she might not normally have a chance to visit?
  • Flea markets or farmer’s markets. These are fun to both browse and buy things from.
  • Places with dramatic or strange settings, such as ruins or castles or sand dunes or even a secret cemetery.
  • Have a photo shoot. Take her some place scenic and take pictures of her, such as in front of the locks at the Mississippi River or at a power plant or some other crazy place. Think like a Vogue photo editor and snap away. She’ll love it. Be sure to give her a shot behind the lens as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you going with brainstorming. With a little time and imagination, you can create a “date” she’ll never forget. These are some dating tips for guys that might be helpful for you.

~Carlos Xuma~

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