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There is one big mistake that men consistently make with women. This one miss-step can entirely blow your ability to seduce women so try to remember and avoid it. Are you ready? It’s very simple and very simple to avoid: Don’t be TOO available.

Some guys might protest and say that acting as if they aren’t available when they really are is game playing. Well, sorry to break the news to you partner, but the dating arena is a game with certain unspoken rules and if you want to come out a winner, you’d do best to pay attention to these rules and see if you can use them in your favor.

It’s the whole philosophy of scarcity and how people want what they can’t have. Women want what appears to be unattainable. So do men. If you want to learn how to seduce women, you need to use this to your advantage.

So, say maybe you have a pretty laid back life. You get up, you go to work, you eat lunch at your desk alone, you go home, you fix yourself dinner, watch a little sports and then go to bed. You are more than available. And you are available all the time. You may love your life and it might suit you perfectly, but don’t share this with the world because it makes you appear as if you have no life.

Instead, if you want to attract women, you need to spruce up your activity a bit and this will increase her feeling attracted to you. If you snatch up the phone every time it rings or are available at her every whim, she’s going to lose interest.

Here area few rules about being available and how it will help you get women:

Seduce Women Rules of Availability:

1. Every once in a while, don’t answer your phone. Let it go to voicemail.

2. Never answer the phone on weekend nights. Show that you aren’t the type of man who is sitting home bored on a Friday or Saturday night. You are out having fun.

3. Wait a bit before you return calls or texts. Nothing blows it like an eager beaver anxiously returning texts within seconds or frantically returning phone calls. You are too busy out and about to immediately call or text back, right. If you do it too soon, it makes you look wimpy and needy.

4. When arranging a hook up, date, or meeting, (whatever you like to call it), only give the woman two options when you are available that week. For instance, you can tell her you have Tuesday and Friday nights free, and ask her which one would work best for her. If neither day works, she has to rearrange her schedule or wait until next week to get together with you. Remember, it’s her job to make room for you. Not yours. If she is really interested, she’ll make it work.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
5. When you are first dating, only talk long enough n the phone to arrange the next meeting.

6. During the first meeting or two, it helps to have a place to go beforehand and after, so it’s not set up for the entire night. If the date is going well, you can extend your time with her or invite her to your next activity.

7. When you have a meeting set and she tells you she wants you to call beforehand to confirm, don’t do it. Tell her you are busy and don’t have time to have “maybe” dates. Tell her if she wants to meet, you need to set a date and time right then and plan to be there.

If you pay attention to these simple rules on how to seduce women, you aren’t playing a game, you are just making sure that you have standards and a life and that will make you more attractive and a better catch for any woman.

~Carlos Xuma~

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