Dating Advice For Men

When I share dating advice for men, I always recommend that online resources be utilized as a way to broaden your dating circle. It is a great way to gain experience and also to meet women.

Once upon a time, only hard-core geeks and socially inept men went online to try to find a date. Boy, have times changed. The most alpha of alpha males now uses online dating. Why not? It works. It is a great way to narrow the field and meet women who share similar interests.

Online dating is a great tool to add to your dating repertoire. As long as you realize its limitations. One major roadblock that men find when they go looking for a girl at a bar, party, or club is that they might instantly spot a woman in the room whom they find physically attractive. That’s fine. And then they have a chance to walk up to the girl and strike up a conversation. During this time, they have a good shot at being able to tell whether there is chemistry between them.

In my dating tips for men, this is where online dating differs.

Obviously, when you are looking at a woman’s picture online, you might have in indication (depending on how accurate the photo is) whether you find her physically attractive, but as far as whether chemistry exists between you two? Well, that’s a crap shoot. I’ve found that photos can be extremely misleading.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
So when I give advices to men, I always warn people that the questions asked for dating websites are great for matching up certain areas of compatibility, but do nothing to help you determine whether you are attracted to one another physically.

Keeping that in mind, you should still use online dating as a tool.

Look at your meetings with these women as a good way to gain experience dating. At the most, you’ll find someone amazing to date. At the worst, you’ve got a bit more experience under your belt.

You see, you wont be able to determine whether you are truly attracted to her until you meet in person.

Here are a few rules I like to share for online dating.

Dating Advice For Men:

1. Write your profile in a poetic and non-specific manner. Be different. Don’t list your must haves and must have not’s. Instead, use imagery and humor to spark a girl’s interest. Then you can sell yourself on your date. Be different from all the other guys you see on the site. If you’re a poet, milk that baby. If you are witty, use that. And so on.

2.  Don’t personalize each email you send to women. Have a standard letter you send out and maybe include one personal detail about each woman that shows you read her profile. Again, be poetic, funny, or whatever.

3. When she responds, only continue emailing at the most twice before switching to a phone conversation. Move quickly to the date before you lose your chance.

4.  Once you switch to the phone, gain her trust and then make a coffee date. Be calm, cool, and collected. Keep it lighthearted.

Okay, now you’ve learned my dating advice for men when it comes to online dating and progressed from online dating to real life dating. Enjoy.

~Carlos Xuma~

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