Dating Advice For Men

The very first step in improving your dating game is to step back and do a bit of reflection. This is some of the best dating advice for men I could give you.

First, find a quiet spot and armed with a pen and paper, brainstorm and jot down what first comes to mind when you dig down deep and think about what you are looking to achieve in your dating life.

When you are seeking out dating advice for men, you might want to ponder the following questions when determining what your overall goal is going to be as you enter the dating pool:

Dating Advice For Men Questionnaire:

1. Are you looking for a companion? In other words, is it more important to find a girl you can consider a friend, have deep conversations, and hit up the ballgames with?

2. Or, are you a born romantic? Are you looking for a girl who will send the bells and whistles off in your head and make your heart pitter patter like a jackrabbit’s?

3. Maybe you are just horny and want and need to get laid and that’s fine. There’s no shame in that game, either.

4. Do you feel the need to be a stone cold player, dating as many women as you can casually?

5. Are you trying to find your future wife? Have you already picked out the ring and baby names and just need to find the perfect girl of your dreams to seal the deal?

The best and most crucial dating advice for men I can give is to make sure when you answer these questions you are being completely honest with yourself. Maybe your family is super traditional and your father is going to cut you out of the family business, if you aren’t engaged by next year, but that doesn’t mean it is what you want deep down inside. Be honest with yourself here and your life will become easier, the wrinkles will unfurl and you will have a better chance of achieving your goal. Your goal. It’s your life.

The next step in following my dating advice for men is this: Once you’ve determined what your goal in the dating world is, you need to ensure that your behavior matches that. You need to make sure that your actions are in line with your goal and that way you will avoid confusion and bruised feelings on both your part and hers.

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For instance, if your goal is to cram in as many date nights with as many different women as you physically can accomplish, you better not be telling them you love them and want them to have your babies. I know that’s an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. Make your words and actions consistent with your goals. You can be honest without being a jerk. You can tell the women that you have a blast with them, but aren’t ready to commit. That is honest and fair and frankly, most women are perfectly okay with that if that is the agreement or understanding from the get go.

It’s only when you’ve misled a woman to think something different that it becomes a problem. Try not to give anyone the wrong idea.

The idea when following this dating advice for men is to keep your eye on the goal.

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