Questions you should NEVER ask on a first date

I want to show you how to make that first good impression on your first date – and make her feel connected with you and see you as an AWESOME guy.

Would you like her to tell everyone that she had the BEST time ever with you?

To make sure your first date is a success and you don’t ruin your chances of having a second date with her, here are some questions you should NEVER ask…

Question You Should Never Ask #1:  Don’t ask anything that involves numbers.

That means her age, weight, salary, rent or how many times she checks her Facebook. Just about anything that you know the answer will be a NUMBER.


Aside from it being inappropriate, you’ll come off as a person intruding her private life. And that’s rude.

Besides, numbers are a FACT, and facts make for boring conversation with women. Guys love stats and numbers, but women don’t remember or care for them.

Question You Should Never Ask #2:  Don’t ask about her Ex.

You wouldn’t want your date to be awkward – and asking her about her ex will give you exactly that. And when she feels uncomfortable, the rest of the night is ruined. It’s hard for a woman to shake that kind of thing off. Once she jumps into crappy emotions, it’s like quicksand to her mood.


And it’ll be bad for you too. Imagine her reminiscing about her ex, telling you all the bad stuff and the boring details. You’d be clawing your face off by the time the check came.

Question You Should Never Ask #3: Don’t ask the WHY.
Never ask about WHY she’s into this or that. That’ll only make her think that the fact you’re asking, you don’t know her at all. And that means, you guys have nothing in common, therefore, you’re not  CONNECTING.

So, just focus on what’s good about you two – what you guys have in common. Your similar likes, it could be about favorite food, sports, travel destinations, movies…anything that’ll her say “Oh, yeah! I like that too!”When you’ve got enough of those built up, then go deeper by asking “What was it about X that you thought was so good?” That’s the right way to ask “why.”


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