Questions you should NEVER ask on a first date

Question You Should Never Ask #4: Don’t ask her about other women.

Never ask her details about any of her girl friends. She’ll think you’re fishing for information – and that you want to bang her friends. (Seriously, this is a major thing for women.)

And she’ll get insecure and think you really don’t want to date her in the first place…or worst, you’re a player and you’re trying to play her and her friends. And that’ll turn the evening into your own private hell.

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Just imagine how you would feel if she starts asking about your guy friends – especially your best friend. You’d feel weird about the whole thing right?

So, stay away from this. And concentrate on her and ONLY her.

Question You Should Never Ask #5: Don’t say anything remotely like: “I think I really like you…”

Opening up your emotions on a first date will come off to her as YOU being needy and weird. In her eyes you’re an immature little boy. Don’t kill the initial stage of attracting her to you.

Remember, first date gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better. Show her your best self. This is your chance.


And don’t suck all the mystery and wonder out of it for her. The more she knows about how you feel, the less likely it is you’ll be sleeping with her.

Keep in mind that your goal for the night is to keep her interested in you by making her feel good throughout the night – laughing and having fun – while keeping her wanting more.

So, have fun with her – and do your best to not be a try-hard.

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