Dating advice for men

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make with women is giving up all their power, posture, and confidence, just to get laid. Dating advice for men will help you not commit that mistake.

So, maybe this works every once in a while and you get lucky, but then what? Then the vicious cycle begins all over again and you find yourself struggling once again and giving up your self-esteem just for a night of sex.

This pattern is self-defeating and rarely lasts more than once or twice.

Dating Advice For Men Tips:

1. Some of the most important advice for men I share is how important it is to break free of this cycle.

When you aren’t getting laid, that is probably all you are thinking about – how to get a date and get sex. The irony is the more you want it, often the harder it is to get. The more a man wants and obsesses over a woman, they less chance he has of getting her.

However, the opposite is true. If you aren’t obsessing on how to get dates or get laid you probably will get it more. When you are getting laid, you aren’t thinking about how to get laid all the time because you know you’ll get more.

2. So, in heeding my advices for men, you’re going to want to figure out how to get to that place.

That place where you are a man who has a vibrant dating life and is able to relax enough to be desirable to women. When a woman sees this nonchalant attitude, it will spark her interest and she will find you desirable and want to give you a shot. The more dates you have and the more sex you get, the less you find you are out there needing sex. It is already there.

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3. Of course, the important dating advice in this article is how you get from being frustrated and needy to being satisfied and relaxed? You can’t physically jump over this cycle, you need to make a cognitive leap.

What that means is you have to consciously make a decision to delay gratification. Don’t pretend like you don’t want sex or bury those feelings, just realize that you are letting go of your need for satiation temporarily. You might consider putting your energy into something else you are passionate about, such as playing guitar or volleyball or fixing engines or whatever guns your motor.

Once you have conquered the ability to delay gratification, you can go out and be around women without your desperate light flashing bright and shiny. Women will see this and lower their guards, giving you a better shot at asking them out. You’ve washed off that stink of desperation you’ve learned a key point in my dating tips for men.

When you are learning my dating advice for men, look at it a bit like fishing. When you fish, you don’t catch something with every line you cast. You cast, pull, cast, and pull, not really caring if it comes back empty. You might change your bait, but you know that if you go fishing enough and are in a location where the fish are biting, you will eventually get a catch.

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