How To Talk To Girls

How to talk to girls is finding out that the final hump is not getting the girl’s phone number.

It’s also not arranging that first date. The largest obstacle you are going to face is during those first few weeks or months of dating.

Unless you have a little knowledge in talking to girls, you might just blow it right there. Many men, not realizing that this is such a volatile and crucial stage in a relationship, immediately let their guard down after they’ve gone out with a woman a few times.

How To Talk To Girls Tips:

1. Those first stages where you meet someone, figure out if you have chemistry together and then start dating is more of an art, not a science. It is driven by primal emotions and psychology and even biological responses.

There aren’t even very many, if any at all, books on how to have a conversation with girls during this early stage in the relationship.

Most books skip ahead past those first awkward months filled with lust and fun and go right to keeping the flame alive.

Sometimes people stay together at this part of the relationship simply because they remember how tough those early stages were and who in their right mind wants to go through that again with someone new?

I like to call that early stage, say the first two months, the Novelty Syndrome. What happens is everything is so new and fresh that it is thrilling and you will overlook some crucial red flags and basically lie to yourself that everything is fine and that she is exactly what you want. You’ll ignore any warning signals and basically being going full steam ahead for some painful times by doing so.

2. The trick is to remember that everything shiny eventually rusts. In other words, something is only new once and will eventually lose that new smell and luster. You can look back at past relationships and see what I mean. This happens to everyone – no matter what.

It is completely natural that your interest and level of attraction waned once you began taking her for granted. It’s like the excitement of getting a cool new video game. Eventually you don’t even remember it was new and forget about it.

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3. If you want to have a long-term relationship, there is a level of investing and then re-investing necessary to sustain it. At that point, you need to be a pro in communicating with girls. You need to know what to say and when to maintain that spark of attraction. One month into the relationship is not the time to learn.

4. Along with knowing how to have a conversation with girls, remember during the first 10 dates with anyone that you need to take your time. Too many men rush it and make a mistake, ending up with someone who is not compatible down the road.

So, along with learning how to communicate with girls, remember to not jump into a relationship.

I know you want some smooth waters and sailing, but don’t be in a hurry. Even with a woman who professes her desire to be monogamous with you. You need to slow down and take a step back. Too many guys don’t want to deal with the roller coaster ride of dating and also want to make sure they have a steady supply of sex without worrying about it. Don’t be that guy. Learn how to talk to girls in a right way.

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