How To Talk To Women

I don’t care how good looking or smooth talking you are, at some point you most likely will be faced with this common situation – a woman will flake on you or she will just not show up for your date. Remember that this happens quite a bit and it’s all part of the dating game. When you are learning how to talk to women, you need to know how to handle this before it happens.

How To Talk To Women Technique:

1. First off, if a woman cancels a date and her reason doesn’t seem very valid, you need to assume automatically that she must not be interested enough in you. If she were, she would be there.

If she cancels the meeting by leaving a message for you right before, then you need to call her back and confront her immediately.

Here’s what you say:

“Julie, I didn’t think you were a flake. I thought I’d call and give you a chance to make it up because I think we look so cute together.”

What you’ve done here is make it funny and not serious. It’s not weird and you’re not being a jerk about it.

The key in talking to women is remembering that as soon as you make this brief, light-hearted comment, you shut up and see what she has to say in response.

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Now, the ball is in her court. Remember the first person that talks is the one who loses. If she does respond, but does not apologize and suggest a different time to get together, then game over. She loses.

Your response should be classy. Say “Sorry it didn’t work out. Maybe we’ll try it again some other time.”

Then hang up.

Use this technique in  talking to women when she calls to make an excuse. Do not use it if she just doesn’t show up when you are supposed to meet and never calls to apologize. In those instances, you need to throw away her phone number and move onto the next girl.

2. When she fails to show up for a pre-arranged meeting, she is disrespecting you. Sure she might be testing your or just a flaky person so don’t take it personally. However, there is one alternative to throwing away her phone number if you want to give it one last try.

Wait until the next day, call her, and say this:

“Julie, I’m calling to apologize. I really meant to make it to our meeting yesterday, but things got crazy and I simply lost track of time. Let’s reschedule.”

3. You can either leave this as a message or say it to her if she picks up. If she doesn’t admit that she didn’t show up that shows she is lacking in integrity and you can decide whether it is worth pursuing a future date with her. When you think about having a conversation with women, always remember preserving your own integrity is the main goal.

So, say she’s a super flaky person and even though you arrange a second meeting, she is a no show again. Here’s what you say:

“Sorry you couldn’t make it. I really don’t have time for people who are flaky and no shows, so I’m afraid I can’t meet with you. Good luck.”

If you follow these strategies in how to talk to women, it may seem at first that you are writing off women and spending too much time alone, but what will ultimately happen is you will find a woman to spend time with who has as much integrity as you do and it will be worth it in the long run.

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