How To Talk To Girls

It seems that too many men are at a loss about how to meet women and strike up a vibrant dating life. They sit home and wait for the perfect woman to ring their doorbell. They don’t understand that watching television is not going to hand them the secret to how to talk to girls.

If you want to learn to do that, you better get off your butt. You need to do some marketing and the product, of course, is you. You might not have to advertise, but you definitely need to network.

How To Talk To Girls:

1. Your initial goal is to approach as many women as possible. Your goal is not to get a phone number or date at this point. Your goal is to say hello.

During this time, your goal should be to get as near as many girls as possible who fit into your demographic. You can practice saying hello and initiating her curiosity about you. You can even get her phone number if it seems natural (or facebook or email). Then walk away before you blow it.

If you make it a point in learning how to communicate with a girl in volume, you will teach more than if you just approach one girl a month. That’s a whole lot different than making a goal of talking to 10 girls a day.

Think big.

2. Your strategy is to first go where women congregate. It might be the yoga class at the gym or even a cooking class. It could be a bookstore or art gallery. Make a list of all the possible places where you might meet women. You might realize that you actually encounter women that are more eligible during the course of your daily routine now that you are aware of it.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Be open to all possible chances to improve your skills in communicating with a woman. This means while you are doing your marketing, waiting for the subway, or in line at the coffee shop. Each opportunity you have must be taken.

3. Here’s a good game plan. Before you even walk up to her, make sure you quiet the little voice in your head that has already run through every possible scenario that might occur during that interaction. This is what leads to your fear. Before you open your mouth to say one word, your inner critic is already playing out every outcome, including the worst-case scenario.

Remember this: If you don’t act, you’ve already lost. By staying in your seat, not going over, and practicing how to make a conversation with a girl, you have already failed. The key to success with women lies completely in your willingness to act. Taking action will make the difference between finding success and happiness and staying stuck in front of the television every night.

Sometimes getting up the nerve to learn how to talk to girls involves a bit of self-analysis. And that’s okay. Try to figure out what is stopping you from approaching women and then look at whether you can change that situation or not. Like I said, taking action is the only thing that can lead to success.

~Carlos Xuma~

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