Approach Women

Too many men react to what women do and say and let it affect them. This shows a glaring lack of self-confidence that women immediately pick up on. Instead of reacting to every emotion that runs across a woman’s face or every thought she expresses out loud, try to be like Switzerland – neutral.

Men who lack self-confidence and self-discipline will let themselves react – and even overreact – to what a woman says and does. This is the worst thing to do when you approach women.

Here’s a little secret to remember when it comes to reacting to women:

Approach Women Secrets:

1. If you can’t keep your cool, you look like a wimp.

And if you look like a wimp, that automatically (and drastically) lowers any attraction the woman might have been feeling toward you.

Too many men fall into this trap when they talk to women. And sometimes it is a trap, because the woman might have been reacting too strongly to test the man. She could be trying to determine whether you are confident and secure or an insecure wimp who has no control over his emotions and reactions.

It really doesn’t matter what the reason was for her behavior, what matters is your reaction and what this tells her about you.

If you react strongly it shows you can’t keep your cool. When you can’t keep your cool, you don’t seem self-confident and it definitely doesn’t appear that you have self-discipline. That turns off women.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Instead, here is how you talk to women who say or do something that triggers a reaction from you:

You can raise your eyebrow and take a minute to collect your thoughts about what just happened.

Taking those few seconds to compose and collect yourself also gives the woman a chance to clarify or explain what she did or said. It saves you from having to respond, as well.

For instance, say you say something in a joking manner and she acts all put out, pulls away, and acts pouty. Instead of making a big deal of it, raise your eyebrow and collect your thoughts. See what she has to say. If she doesn’t do anything, you can say with a smile, “It was a joke.” And not make a big deal out of it.

Instead, too many men panic and worry the woman is mad at them and then act in a way that is seeking the woman’s approval.

Wrong answer. That is the absolute wrong way to approach a lady.

This indicates that you care too much about a woman’s disapproval or her anger at you and this actually looks like she determines your self worth. Nobody – man or woman – wants to feel as if they are the sole one responsible for someone else’s happiness or general sense of well-being.

By reacting strongly to her emotions and words, you are showing her that you need and seek her approval. This is not attractive.

Instead, the key is to approach women successfully is to develop enough self-discipline and control that you are able to keep your emotions and reactions in check. That way the woman feels confident and secure when she is around you and isn’t worried that any little thing will upset you and your relationship together.

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