How To Ask a Girl Out

The chemistry is flying between the two of you and things are going smashing, but she’s on her way out the door with her friends who have other plans for the rest of the night. You don’t want to let her out of your sight, but it looks like that is inevitable – at least for now.

But you have to figure out a way to see her again.

Usually the first obstacle you might encounter when you are faced with how to ask a girl out is finding some way to contact her in the future – once you leave wherever you are. So let’s tackle that one first.

How To Ask a Girl OutGetting her digits

The easiest way to get a girl’s phone number is possibly the simplest. It is direct and shows a ton of self-confidence on your part. So the first step if you want to be prepared for how to ask a girl out is to hand her your phone and say, “Put your number in there.”

That’s it. Trust me, it works.

It’s simple, bold, and she will know immediately that you’re a confident Alpha Man.

Making the call

At some point down the road – don’t wait too long, maybe 24-48 hours max – call her. Remember – when you’re learning how to ask a girl out that you don’t want to blab about stupid stuff. Rather, the attitude you want to adopt is that you are a great guy with a fun-filled life and you would like to make sure she knows about all the fun you are having and that you like her and want to tell her all about it. Make her feel that you are including her in your fun.

What if you get her voice mail? Say the same thing, but keep it short and sweet.

The Date

I think you have two options here: the group get together and the one-on-one.

You decide which one would be best for each girl.The reality is that the first meet-up is just a get-t0-know-you session, so don’t make too big a deal out of it. But definitely make the second date just the two of you.

So if you want to learn how to ask a girl out on a group outing, I would just say that you and some friends are getting together at this really cool spot on Thursday (make sure it is a fun activity and cool place) and that you wanted to let her know because it’s going to be super fun and that she should meet you there with her friends. This is one great way I use in my repertoire of how to ask a girl out. But if you really hit it off and feel even more comfortable, then suggest she meet you at a bar (or restaurant or cafĂ©) close to your place for a drink on Thursday night.

Either way, on that first time hanging out, I would maybe say something like, “I got the first round,” and see if she gets the second. Sometimes this is a good way to filter out quality women from the gold-diggers and Users.

Then, after a round or two, move onto a different location. If it continues to get better and you are really hitting it off, you can bring her back to your place where you have a bottle of wine waiting.

You do, don’t you?

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