Seduce Women, 3 Power Strategies

Seduction has gotten a real bad rap. After all, if a woman does it, that’s fine and dandy – the privilege of being a woman and using her feminine guile. But if a man tries to seduce women it’s somehow “immoral” or manipulative. Such is the double-standard of life.

But that doesn’t mean as a man that you can’t practice some ethical and honorable seduction. You’re about to discover 3 of my power tips for how to seduce women – without turning into a manipulative jerk.

Seduce Women – Power Tip 1: Hesitation destroys your game.

One thing that women can sense is when a guy is standing there, staring at her, and isn’t doing anything.

Seduce Women - 3 Power StrategiesTo her, on an intellectual level, she knows he’s just trying to work up his courage to talk to her, but her EMOTIONAL mind is not impressed. In fact, she loses attraction rapidly in just the first few seconds that a guy stands there not taking action. Eventually she will become completely uninterested and creeped out, even if he finally does work up the nerve to go talk to her.

The “Three Second Rule” is designed to help you get past this hesitation as quickly as possible, and avoid this big mistake. You must condition yourself to approach women in the first three seconds that you notice her. This is for several reasons:

  1. It gives you less time for your inner “loser boy” voice to hijack your mind and try to talk you out of it. That sneaking fear of rejection will come up in your head and start creatively trying to talk you out of it. By acting fast you short-circuit its evil influence…
  2. You’ll condition yourself that talking to women is not that big a deal, and that it’s nothing to be feared…
  3. You’ll impress women with your confidence by acting quickly…


Seduce Women – Power Tip 2: Date out of your league.

Most guys secretly believe that there is this upper echelon of women (the “9s” and “10s”) that they can only look at in magazines and admire from afar. Like that Lamborghini that they lust after at the car show, but know they will never own. (I call this the “Lamborghini Syndrome” when guys fall into this belief that there are women they are just never going to be able to date. ALL women are within your reach!)

Here’s a big secret that most guys never learn: If you want to meet hotter women and get hotter women, all you have to do is stop putting them on a pedestal. Men are intimidated by a woman’s looks, but looks are not REAL value. It’s a winning ticket in the genetic lottery.

I’m going to say something very controversial here:

Beautiful women are very insecure about their appearance on many levels, and they’re just dying for a guy to come along that can see below the surface. Ninety-five percent of the guys that walk up and approach her haven’t got a clue what really goes on below the surface.

Now if you can just approach her and be a little different, you will find that there is no requirement for you to be a hot rock star to attract her.

The most beautiful women are secretly dying to meet a guy who can connect with her on more than just lust. And that’s your ticket into the Big Leagues.

Seduce Women – Power Tip 3: Remember what women want…

Again, another popular misconception is that women aren’t interested in sex because they have a different pattern for their desire than men do. Most men are interested in boinking first, and then connection. Most women desire a connection first before the boink.

The truth is that once a woman has connected with you and you’ve been able to create real sexual attraction, she’s yours.


No tricks or manipulation are needed when you’re both after the same win-win goal.

It doesn’t have to be forever, and she might even just want a one-night-stand. But you have to play the seduction game by the real rules to win.

You know, there was a time I felt ashamed and completely trapped in my inability with women. I was weak and supplicating. I came on way too strong with the girls I dated, and I drove them all off.

The more women I dated, the more I scared away, and the sicker I felt inside.

I got desperate, man. Trapped in that sense of futility that I could never learn what it was that got women attracted to me.

There was even one woman I was on a date with that some people actually saw what I was doing and laughed at me from across a parking lot.

I felt like a complete loser. It was humiliating. I’m pissed just writing about this, but it’s important for you to know.

I promised myself that would never happen again, to me or any other guy I could help.

I’ve created something that will get you past a lot of this pain and fear, and a LOT of the rejection.

Whether you want to talk about seducing women or attracting women, or learning seduction techniques versus learning attraction tactics, it’s all the same thing.

Discover how to impress women and get the girl you want…

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