How Do I Seduce A Woman

How Do I Seduce A Woman

The sexiest thing for a woman is a confident man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. There are a few things you should learn if you have ever found yourself asking how do I seduce a woman and make her crazy about me?

How How Do I Seduce A Woman? Step One:

Create your Own Code of Behavior.

This means drawing your line in the sand and standing firm behind what you have decided you will and will not accept in how people treat you. You must stand by this strongly and not take crap from other people.

Most men – and women for that matter – tend to be wishy washy when they should be calling their friends on disrespectful behavior. Once you establish what you expect from the people in your life, you can conquer that fear of rejection. This is an important step in answering the question how do I seduce a woman.

If the people in your life don’t care about you enough to live up to your logical and fair expectations of being treated with respect, then you are doing yourself a favor by asking them to not be a part of your life.

Part of creating your own code of behavior is also about taking a long, hard look at what you want out of your life and what you want to accomplish. Having a purpose and ambition makes you very attractive. Your purpose doesn’t have to be sensational or earth shattering. It could be as basic and simple as creating a loving family.

A man with purpose is a powerful aphrodisiac.

How Do I Seduce A Woman? Step Two:

Ooze Self-Confidence.

I don’t think most men realize that confidence is a cycle that feeds on itself. Accomplishing something builds self-confidence and keeps the wheel spinning. I like to remind people of that old adage “Nothing succeeds like success.”

How do you get self-confidence so you can learn how do I seduce a woman? Just do it. I know that sounds cheesy, but the reality is you have to face your fears and build self-confidence by conquering them.

For instance, are you feeling insecure? Then go ask for that girl’s phone number.

Are you feeling unhappy? Call her and ask her to meet you for a drink.

Do it. The only way to overcome your fear of rejection is to face it head on. That is the only way to gain self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter if you feel anxious; it’s all about faking it until you make it. It’s about posturing. It is about doing something about your insecurity or lack of self-confidence. I like to refer to it as the confidence treadmill. By starting out on the treadmill slowly and then walking faster, then trotting, pretty soon you are running.

When I say fake it until you make it, there is validity to the idea that you can kick-start your confidence level by faking it at first. That first step will help rid you of anxiety and the jitter and actually bring out the real confidence you have inside.

Now that you have all the steps you will no longer think: How Do I Seduce A Woman.

-Carlos Xuma

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